help :) cant find anywhere-not even ebay

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  1. i have been searching high and low since i found out the name of this bag and it's color-anyone know where i can get it? TIA!
    it's TDF!
  2. You could try calling a MbMJ boutique. Otherwise I think your only option is eBay. Good luck!
  3. Agreed.. this style has been discontinued. Your best bet will be eBay if the MBMJ boutiques don't have it.
  4. i actually saw that bag on eBay recently...
  5. GASP!:yahoo:
    there is hope then, ladies, if you would if you EVER see a listing somehow or are seling it, tell me!(if this is against the forum rules, my deepest apologies!)

    ive been searching forever for that bag!:love: