HELP!! Can't figure out how to wear this dress :S


Sep 23, 2011
This sounds so silly but i've literally been fighting with this dress for the past 40 minutes and I still can't figure out how to wear it:

I purchased it off the outnet website and it certainly looks simple enough in the pictures but when i'm holding it now, there's a whole bunch of material on the left side that is all twisted and LOOPED at the bottom that I have no idea what to do with or where to drape it. There must be 4 different loops of fabric on the left, all of which i've stuck my left arm through and none of the combos looks like anything except a mess.

I know it's a long-shot but if anyone can point me to a 'how to' tutorial or a youtube video, that would be super appreciated :smile:)


May 23, 2009
Love that dress especially in that blood-red colour. I have a very similar dress. Mine actually had an illustration on a swinging ticket to help.

I hope this helps (or at least makes sense). Believe me after a few wears it gets so much easier:

1. Before you start make sure the dress is fully turned the right way round and nothing turned, tucked-in or caught up. Make the dress look exactly like he photo without you in it. Take your time, this is the most important thing.

2. Put the dress flat across a bed in front of you, facing front-down (hem pointing down). You should now be standing at the side of your bed, your legs almost touching the hem and looking at the back of the dress.

3. Then slide your hands in to the dress, only picking up only the single back layer. Try to keep most of the front layer on the bed so it doesn't move.

4. Find the arm holes. Left hand to left armhole and right to right, like you are going to put on a T-shirt. Don't put it over your head yet. Get your arms all the way though first and then carefully slip your head through the hole for the neck.

5. Pull it down and check the back first against the pick (you might have to pull the drape further over your left shoulder) and then the front

6. (Hopefully) Viola! :biggrin: