Help! Can't decide...

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  1. Hi, I am thinking to get another bag with lambskin. Currently, I am thinking of Jumbo flap with GHW or Valentine Bag, both in black. I have the caviar jumbo in black shw and reissue 226 in black ghw. Is it too dumb to get another black/jumbo? Or should I get another color in m/l size? Thank you in advance for your opinions. :smile:
  2. If I were you, I wouldn't get another black flap. I would pick a smaller sized flap (or even a Jumbo - why not :cool:) in a different color, either another neutral (like beige or navy) or a brighter color (like red or a springtime color since you have some black ones already).
  3. It's not redundant to get the M/L in shw; if you will use this then go ahead and get it. Do take a look at the colors that are coming in to make sure you want another black.
  4. Get the black medium classic flap! Or other colors for jumbo!
  5. Go for some colour to add variety to your Chanel bags...
  6. What about the valentine in black?
  7. If it has the hardware you want, go for it.

  8. Hi Pretty Bags

    My DH will be taking me on a 4 hour drive to bring this baby home tomorrow :yahoo:

    After seeing my fellow Malaysian, bubuchaha post her bubble gum pink & Valentina 2014 posting her gorgeous black lamb, I knew this was the bag I had to have. I love that it is single flap and as tutushopper suggested, we can easily remove the charms and have a classic single flap instead.
    The hardware seems very pretty, a light champagne gold, which goes well with white gold/platinum jewellery.

    It has been a hot seller and I am only able to get my hands on one as the only boutique we have in Malaysia has reordered a couple of times.

    Perhaps we can be bag-twins. ;)