HELP can't decide

  1. Hi ladies

    I am planning on buying my very first LV bag pretty soon. I have decided on the Mono Speedy, but can't decide what size. I either want the 30 or the 35...I'm 5'4 136 lbs. ....what do u guys think size wise, it would be a bag i would probably carry everyday....Thanks:flowers:
  2. I just bought my first speedy yesterday. I got the 30. You will not believe how much stuff it will hold. I'm approx. 5'7" and let's just say I weigh more than you, and it seems to suit me fine. I love it. I looked at the 25 and believe it or not, it holds a ton of stuff too. I think when you get up to the 35 and bigger it kinda starts to look like luggage. I got the damier since winter is coming on and I don't want to baby the vachetta on the mono. I'm so excited for you--your very first lv!!! Yay!!!! You have to post pics whenever you get it home. :wlae:
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  4. Not sure if you're planning to buy instore or online - but if you can - try them both out for size!

    although I do agree with texas girl in that at the 35 size you're veering towards looking like you're hauling luggage around with you... plus I find the more space I have, the more I tend to fill it up - so watch out for how heavy your handheld will get!

    Good luck with your purchase!
  5. I say 30! I'm about the same size and weight, and I've had a damier speedy 30 for two weeks now and carried it just about every day...and I LOVE IT! I love how it looks on me...I always look at myself in any reflective surfaces as I pass while I carry's the perfect size!
  6. i say try both of them first at a store if there's any nearby, but i agree that at your frame, 35 may start looking too overwhelming...
  7. 30!
  8. I have the 30 and love it...I could even go with a 35...when I first got it I thought that it was too other bag is the LH so...I love large bags...
  9. Mono speedy 30... You will love it!!
  10. Honestly I think if it's not the 25 or 30, it starts to look like a piece of luggage, but the best thing to do is try them out at a store if you get the chance.
  11. the 30. But you should try them both out at the store to see which one you like better.
  12. I have the 35 and love it. It's big but it doesn't look that luggage-y on me. I'm almost 5'6".
  13. I have Mono Speedy 30...I love it so much.
    IMO, 25 is too small and 35 is too big!!!
    You should try all of them and you will know which is the right one for you.
  14. I agree that the 25 is too small for me. I am going to buy it in the store. I tried them both out(30&35), but I still haven't made my decision. I wanted to get your guys' opinion..Thanks for the help
  15. 30 is fine for u i reckon.