Help, Can't Decide

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  1. I really don't need a new necklace, I have a collection of Helen Ficalora charms(all different golds)that I wear on two chains. I've never bought jewelery at Macy's but I have a credit from xmas and there's a diamond feather in white gold I can't stop thinking about. I would switch it to a gold chain for that new white/yellow look. It's $500 for $369. Buy or pass? Has anyone bought from Macy's before?
  2. I bought a LeVian ring from Macy's. Beautiful ring!
  3. Hi Jujuma,
    I see one feather pendant on the Macy's site that is actually sterling, not white gold. It's on sale now for $296....
    I have some items from Macy's and the quality is OK.
    I think if you have a credit & you can't stop thinking about it, then go for it. I like the two tone look, so I'd love to see the final product.
  4. :graucho:That's the one, I didn't check the price since last week. I'm glad you think it would look good on a gold chain, I do too. Mind made up, I'm there tomorrow.