HELP......Can't decide.....

Which Neverfull to get (Baring in mind my height and size)

  • Neverfull Damier MM

  • Neverfull Damier GM

  • Neverfull Monogram MM

  • Neverfull Monogram GM

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Aug 12, 2006
London. New York.
Hi guys.

I have a dilema, as I usually do when I'm about to plonk down a hoopla of cash on Louis Vuitton.......

I really really love the Neverfulls.

Im 5 foot 9.5inches.....kind of fluctuate between a 12 & 14 uk size.

I already have a monogram Cabas Mezzo.

I really want to get the Neverfull and think the MM size will be perfect for me. I've never really loved the Damier print, but I love the monogram print - but I LOVE the interior of the Damier Neverfull.

I think I will go for the Damier Neverfull in MM size. Do you think I will regret it? I think if I went for the monogram it would be just too similar to my Cabas and it wont really feel like Ive bought a new bag.

I dont own any Damier pieces yet.

So, in short......would you suggest I go for the Damier>? Or do any of you think I will regret it? Bare in mind....Ive seen the monogram in the flesh and loved it.....I have only seen Damier on pics on here, and I like it - love the inside.....but not sure if I will like the outside....also, am worried no one will know it's LV because it doesnt have the large LV monograms.

This is long, Im so sorry. Help me out any of you by letting me know what you think?

Thank you in advance. ;)


Punjabi Princess
Aug 2, 2009
Birmingham (ENGLAND)
I bought a damier and no one complimented...I think it's beautiful, however, spending so much , you want ppl to recognise & compliment & I can see you seem to be leaning towards acknowledgment fron others around you when you go out. I returned the damier & went for monogram in the end and have not regretted I had done when I purchase the damier. Let us know which you buy! It doesn't matter if you alraedy have a mono, this will be a newer model. Went to London on Monday & saw my SA with the monogram Neverfull MM (couldn't believe I met her on Oxford St)...the straps were patina'd beautifully...I'm defo going to get the mon neverfull GM as I am 5'9" tall & it suits me superbly. GOOD LUCK!
Aug 12, 2006
London. New York.
Thanks girls. Your advice is really helpful & sweet.
Still SO undecided though - aren't we all like this when considering our next LV purchase?
Will be purchasing tomorrow morning so will certainly let you know which one I go for. I guess I will have a better idea when I actually see them all in the flesh (so to speak). ;)


Aug 17, 2007
I would get the Damier.. The people who knows LV will know, and others might not.. Who cares?? Its a gorgeous bag!

Pink Rose

Oct 24, 2007
The Netherlands
Yes get the Damier. It's gorgeous! You're buying it for you, right? You're not buying it for everyone who looks at it so I wouldn't care too much if people don't recognize it.


Go Big Or Go Home
Feb 24, 2009
Go for the Damier. Trust me, in person it is beautiful! And you will melt when you see that gorgy red interior.


Jun 30, 2009
Spain (Europe)
When I bought the speedy I had more or less the same dilema about the patterns, in the end I bought the monogram because it was my first LV bag, but I think the damier is really classy. Don't worry if people don't realise it's a LV bag, you know it and that's all. In my case most people would think I'm carrying a fake since nobody in my area has authentic LVs, I know it's authentic!!

I think my next purchase will be NF in damier.