!!! Help,can't decide !!!

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  1. Well,i've been thinking about get rid off my 05 sky blue day and turning to a new color.But as this is my first Bbag ever since!!.It seem couldn't let it go so easily :sad:...I felt the 05 leahter is really gorgeous,nice and thick!!!..it made me hurt :crybaby:everytime to think about selling this bag to someone else.I don't know if i need to post some pics and show you guy this bag or not.But you can see it on Balen Day club!!,i just posted it.So please please please help me make a decision.If this is your situation..what are you gonna do?Keep it or get rid of it.

    Thanks everyone. :smile:
  2. Keep it!
  3. I'd for sure keep it...you are obvioulsy not ready to let it go...I say give it time...because you can always sell it if you want to in the future..I think you need more time.
  4. OH nooooooo KOALA please keep it! those things you'll regret later. IMO that bag is not replacable, it's such a beauty, such a lovely, versatile, tender color and on top is a collector piece. DO NOT get rid of your beauty... NO, NO & NO!! :nogood:
  5. Post a PIC!! come on :yes:
  6. I just went to The Bal Day club and take a look at your beauty and I have to say... KEEP IT!!!!!!!!! it's GORGEOUS!! :love:
  7. Keep it !!!
  8. Thanks everyone..I just took a lot of pic of my 05 sky blue Day in a moment ago.So take a look,please give me more vote..Sorry for the condition of my bag,as i'm using her quite often so you can see some dirty..Thanks anyway.

  9. I'd definitely keep it.!! Its pretty.
  10. Yup keep it. It's really hard to get something back once you've let go of it.

    Sell it if it's always alone in your deep dark closet.
  11. The leather is TDF! Gorgeous color... Once again... KEEP IT!! :drool:
  12. I say keep it! You're obviously not ready to part with her just yet.
  13. Beautiful bag! Only sell it if you will replace it with something more special that you would wear more.
  14. really thick and smooshy...its a keeper!
  15. Keepers....