Help! can't decide!!!

  1. Hi all! I'm having a really hard time deciding: I've been thinking of either buying a really nice bag around 3000$ (haven't decided which yet) OR using all this money to buy several smaller goodies (perhaps a tulum PM, a wallet, a wapity and a scarf)!!! I'm just a student and don't have *THAT* much money, so i need to make a really good decision...:cry:
  2. Since you're a student, I would suggest buying a number of smaller goodies or a few handbags instead of getting one $3000 bag. You don't want to be stressing out over your $3000 handbag when you go out with your friends or worrying about the safety of the bag if you live in a dorm. I would much rather use my first real pay check in buying that $3000 bag since it might feel better that way? :flowers:
  3. I agree with Irissy, go for the several smaller accessories or less expensive bags.
  4. Oh and I was looking at scarves last night at LV... the multicolor one is beautiful :love: If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend taking a look! I ended up with the white MC bandeau (I feel like it's more functional than a scarf)
  5. I agree. More fun for you that way too. Just do your research on prices. :yes:
  6. alrighty guys! you ppl are the experts, so i'm gon listen to you! lol thanks for all the help!!!! I really appreciate it! :biggrin:
  7. Let us know what lovely bags you'll be getting!! $3000 can be a little shopping spree at the LV store! :yahoo:Take me with you!! :roflmfao:
  8. Take me too :lol:
  9. I agree with all of the above!
  10. totally agree with what Irissy has said! 0o0o0o lots of LV pieces!!! FUN!!!!
  11. I would say go for many things, save that bag purchase for when you're done school.
  12. Have you given any thought to how to spend 3,000$ at LV ? ;)
  13. I would go on a shopping spree and get more smaller items. :P
  14. Thanks everyone! you're so helpful! and oh! Irrisy, that 3000$ paycheck won't be mine until exactly 9 yrs:shocked: from now when I become a doctor! I can't wait that long! arrrgh! lol But you guys are right, I'll go for the more LV pieces! thanks!