Help can't decide... :(

  1. Hi as some you guys know that i've been wanting to get the Speedy 30. I thought i already made my decision but recently i bought the Lockit Horizontal and I LOVE IT!
    The thing that worries me about the speedy is that it sags and i carry alot of stuff. With the Lockit, it has a hard bottom.
    I'm going to Paris next week and i have a couple of days to decide but i was hoping you ladies could help me.

    P.S i'm also getting the Riveting and Eugenie Mono in Paris :yahoo:
  2. Personally I love the sag! Omg you are getting a Riveting??? That's my DREAM bag!!!! Congrats in advance!
  3. yeah im not so keen of the sagging hehe...

    Thanks! I'm also sooo excited to get the Riveting. I knew that it's really a wanted item and i didn't want to get disappointed when i got there so i had them set aside for me but i had to pay a small amount forward.''

    But whice one?! Lockit vs Speedy 30
  4. if you don't like the sag, you could try using a purseket, or cutting a piece of cardboard to use as a bottom. I have a Coach catalog in the bottom of my speedy; it's a godo size and it keeps it from sagging too much.
  5. You can't really go wrong with a speedy. The sag is easily fixed in a variety of ways and it's probably LV's most practical and reasonably priced bag.
  6. I'm more of a fan of structured bags . . . so my vote is the Speedy!
  7. get the speedy! i've the 30 & it doesn't sag at all. u just gotta arrange ur stuff properly in there & it'll be fine
  8. If you like the speedy, have you looked at the multicolour one? I have the mono speedy 30 (and it does sag a lot, but I love the sag), and the mc speedy, and my mc doesn't sag at all. It is a structured bag, even though it is a speedy...just a thought! Happy shopping!
  9. get the speedy. I am not into the sag but there are things you can buy to prevent it.
  10. I love the speedy...have 3 of the 30's in different patterns. The sag can be prevented with a purseket or cardboard on the bottom. It's just a classic, yet so chic!
  11. I think you should get a Lockit Horizontal there and buy the Speedy when you return back home.
  12. Not a speedy fan, love the lockit.
  13. get both lol the speedy is a classic, and it helps if you arrange things in your bag properly so that it wont sag. personally i like the sag so i try to arrange things in my bag so that it does sag.
    but if you're a more structured purse kind of person then go for the lockit. hope this helps?
  14. i prefer speedy!
  15. The Speedy for me though can't you get both? :nuts: