Help! Can't decide which one to get!

  1. Hi Guys! Have been obesssing about getting and collecting LE or seasonal pieces! I've just started with buying the Mono Bequia PDV just two weeks ago and am already thinking about getting my next LE/Seasonal Bag.

    Am currently looking for a city bag for carrying my wallet, cellphone, pda, keys, etc. I have basically shortlisted to two options:

    Option 1) Damier Lune Trottuer
    Option 2) Bequia Trotter in Burgundy

    I was in the store today and was spending almost an hour just trying the 2 bags again and again, switching from one bag to another in front of the mirror trying to see which is better :shame: Good thing my SA was really patient with me:p

    I really can't decide, so I would like to get your opinions. TIA!:smile:
  2. Hi carlos both are SA had reserved the lune cabas for me and I tried it on...It was beautiful but the damier lune didn't seem really least I wasn't very excited about it...I think you should go with the bequia...beautiful and above all leather...If you like collecting, lune is better since you allready have a bequia in PDV but I think for everyday trotteur is better...
    I hope I didn't confuse you more..

    good luck choosing...
  3. Thanks for the tip bagmaniac23!

    I was thinking the same thing too... I am not sure how the Bequia Leather will hold compared to the Damier Lune Canvas if used as an everyday bag. I guess both have their advantages and disadvantages... on the one hand the bequia trotter leather is really soo supple and so soft like it is soo delicate while on the other hand the damier lune trotter has the ivory suede that would need to be babied as well from getting dirty.
  4. Btw, here are the pictures of the two bags I am choosing from.:graucho:
    Damier Lune.JPG Bequia.JPG
  5. Have not seen either irl ... both look great though. Basing my answer on just the pics alone, I think I like the damier lune a tad more.
  6. yes I've seen them...well seeing that a summer is coming lune would be better and since you already have the PDV...go for it and I'm sure you are gonna love opinion was based to that you cannot compare a leather to a canvas bag..
    Go for the lune and post some pics...maybe I'll persuade myself to buy the damier lune cabas too...
  7. I think the buckles would bother I vote for the dark brown one.
  8. i'd get the damier.
  9. Out of the two, I'd go for the BEQUIA. :yes:
  10. Thanks guys for the advice!;) Really appreciate it.

    Still can't decide though to this point and would need to decide soon as they might be gone from the store as they are LE/seasonal pieces.:crybaby:

    Anyoen here that has both and can provide some advantage/disadvantage of each based on experience? TIA!:rolleyes:
  11. As you have the PDV I would get the lune ... I have tried on both at the store and lune is nice BUT my SA informed me you have to be careful due to colour transfer.... it is a lovely bag:love:
  12. i vote for the bequia! it has a very rich feel to it.. gorgeous!
  13. Am finally going to the store later this afternoon...

    Hopefully am decided by then.... hope to get some more additional inputs from fellow tpters :smile:
  14. i wonder if you have decided at this time already...if you did, i am excited to know which one you finally got...besides, either bag is a GREAT BUY! :yes: regardless...but if it were me, the damier lune trotteur design wins over the bequia's design. material-wise, ya the damier lune is a bit more on the not so practical side but i always go for that means, DAMIER LUNE TROTTEUR! go for it! good luck. post pics when you get them!!! :yahoo: