Help... Can't decide which one to buy him!


Which Wallet to buy for my DH?

  1. Epi leather Pocket Organizer

  2. Tresor Wallet

  3. Bills fold Wallet

  4. Magellan Wallte

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Need some help from all of you to decide which wallet to get my DH for Valentines...

    He prefers something small, yet durable...(his last wallet was almost 10 years ago), since he got me an LV for a "First time Mommy's gift" I want to get him something for Valentines!! I have narrowed down to some choices... please write down what you would choose & why... if you used one yourself... how is the wear and tear of your choice??!! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Epi Leather pocket organizer
    2. Tresor Wallet (Epi leather)
    3. Bill Fold Wallet (Mono)
    4. Magallan Wallet
    5. Other suggestion?!:shame:
  2. I got my husband a wallet from the Taiga line. It is understated and doesn't scream LV. He likes it.

    Good luck!!!
  3. I would like the tresor...well I have it and it's really practical IMO...
    Good luck finding the best for your soulmate..
    Happy Valentine's!!!
  4. I got my DH a black epi pocket organizer which he loves. He likes the size and how it doesn't scream LV.
  5. Thank you for your responses...

    Roussel, do your husband have multiple cards in his wallet...(my DH have quite a few cards)... does it fold well after loading all the compartments?
  6. Epi leather Pocket Organizer