Help ..Can't decide which color ...

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  1. Hi ladies ...
    Need your help once again .. Really like Dior Soft flap been wanting this since i saw it last feb i've been wanting to get the Midnight Blue ..but when i went to the boutique this afternoon and SA showed me this 3 colors o my i now fell confuse can't decide which color to get .. If $$$ isn't an issue i'll probably get this 3 ..
    Colors are : Midnight Blue.. Blue Jeans and Fuchsia pink .. can't seem to upload the pix
  2. I would choose either the midnight blue or blue jean. I love fuchsia but don't seem to have the desire to have the colour on a LD...

    I have the blue jean colour and thinks it's very versatile.

    Decisions decision decision LOL

    Good Luck!
  3. They are all lovely colours, but if you are afraid that your bag will show dirt easily, then go with the darkest one (the Midnight Blue).
  4. I would pick midnight blue!
  5. Blue Jean

    Mid night blue is beautiful too but blue jean will be great for summer
  6. Thanks guys .. I'm not scared of my bag getting dirty i'm a bit careful with my bags.. I also want a color i use with all seasons.. Other bags that i have from Dior are Miss Dior in Persan blue and bronze Panarea..