Help -- Can't decide which Chanel to get

  1. Ladies, I need your help. Which chanel bag should i Buy, this will be my 1st chanel. Black caviar medallion or black PST?
  2. I think it'd be good if you can try both on, see which one looks better on you. Between the two, I think I'd prefer the medallion. I think it's more elegant and classy. But if you want to carry it on your shoulder, the PST might be a better choice for you. Good luck. You can't go wrong with either one, both are great classics.
  3. They are bot 2 diff bags (style wise), the medallion have a lot more room, is a bigger bag and has a zipper top closure and smaller handles, and PST is a bit smaller and has a snap closure and longer handles. Good luck, they are both beautiful and you can't go wrong with either of the two.
  4. i like the pst with zipper,i think current price is 1750... you can go check at stores and try them to make sure which style fit you the best... good luck!!
  5. I like the medallion more ,I think it's much bigger than the PST:yes:
  6. how does the black caviar medallion look like? i forgot! i get so confused now and then with all the models and styles , so sorry!
  7. They're both very nice bags. I agree that you should go to the store and try them both on for size/look.

    I personally think the PST (well, GST) is a better bag than the medallion tote, but it's all about personal preference!
  8. PST, but I prefer the TImeless small tote over the PST.
  9. Medallion tote..silver hardware :smile:
  10. I like the PST better due to the handles, but they are both nice bags :smile:
  11. medallion.. it looks more classic..
  12. PST :tup:
  13. I like the Medallion.
  14. i'm not a fan of the proportions of the PST, so my vote is definitely the medallion tote :yes:
  15. Out of the three...I would choose the PST. The Medallion tote is very nice but for a first piece (personally) I'd get something with the signature Chanel chain...I wanted to get the Medallion first too but after seeing it along with the GST IRL, I decided to go for the GST!

    The small timeless tote (PST with zipper) that everybody is talking about is nice, kind of shaped like the GST except it's much smaller, is VERY small. I saw it yesterday and was disappointed because it's quite a small bag for the costs around the same as the Medallion I believe.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!