Help....cant decide...tempete gsh or galet gsh

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  1. Galet gets my vote! The first time i saw galet, i straightly fell in love! goodluck on choosing!
  2. Thanks so much for the info!
    I actually ordered my Maldives City from the las Vegas boutique last spring and Regina is wonderful. It was my first BBAg. I had never spent that kind of money on something I had not seen IRL.
    I just dont want to get stuck with something I dont really love. The worst would be if I didnt like either of the colors and then Im stuck with a store credit until next season.I didnt realize that you could return if you order online. I may end up doing that if NMarcus doesnt call me in a couple of weeks. I really dont mind driving 3 hrs if I know they have both colors and I can compare together. Again, thanks for your help.
    **Im actually leaning toward the galet gsh...maybe I will just order that when it shows up on line.
  3. Online is 30 day return policy; boutique is 14 days store credit only.