HELP! Can't decide!? Rocco w/ RG HW vs Iodine Rockie w/ Blk Nickle HW.

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  1. My mind has been set on getting the Rocco with RG hardware for a few months now (ever since I found out that the Latte version is completely sold out :crybaby:). However, I just came across the Rockie in Iodine Pebble with Black Nickle Hardware and now I absolutely cannot decide. I have not seen any real pictures of the Iodine so I can't tell if its more of a purplish brown or a maroon/oxblood brown type. :/

    Help will be appreciated muchly!
  2. As much as I'm excited about the huge oxblood/Bordeaux trend this fall (I got the oxblood Emile on the way), if you've been excited about the black w/ RG...... Stay with that one!! I have black w/ RG and its my favorite bag i own!! It truly stands out and i get compliments all the time when i carry it, i mean him lol rocco is definitely a "he" Black is forever and timeless whereas iodine is seasonal - just my honest opinion :smile:
  3. I love the rocco with rg stud. Just an FYI, I got my rocco bag on sale at and They do go on sale for 50% off the price if you can wait. Just subscribe directly on the website and you will get notification in your email.
  4. Black Rocco with RG HW!! I love mine!!! :smile:
  5. :OO !!!! I'm subscribed to Barneys but have not received any notification of it going for 50% off. Was it this year that you got it at 50% off?
  6. Rose gold!!
  7. I say iodine! Its def the one I'm eyeing. The black with rg has been seen since everyone has one!