Help! :) Can't decide! Part Time or Day bag?

  1. Hi!

    I got my first BBag a few years ago (a Le Dix classic) in black. I haven't used it yet because I'm too scared to get it messed up. But I'm going to get over that by getting a second one. ;) I really love the slouchy look of the Day bag. It just looks so edgy.

    For some reason, I'm not into the City bag. It seems too sharply rectangular for me. But I love the look of the that strange? Something about the PT makes it look more attractive to me. I'm not sure why.

    So, the question is...should I get the Day or the PT? :shrugs: Is the PT a little redundant because I already have the Classic, which looks similar but smaller? I want the Gold Hardware version. Any pros/cons? This is so hard. Wish I could get both!

    Thanks for your help! :flowers:
  2. :lol: we have the same problem! wanting more bbags than we can really afford ;) I am getting my first Day bag too, actually, and I can't wait, you are right, I think it's a very edgy style too!! The PT looks equally hot but it's just little too big for me, if you carry a lot of stuff everyday, then you can definitely handle a PT, and a PT with GH would be even :woohoo:Good Luck!!:flowers:
  3. I never quite like the Day because I have had similar shaped off the racks bag & they killed my shoulders though I love the slouchy look. Lately I have been drawn by the Day bag. I suddenly feel a need for one but I need to can my wants for a while!!! BTW the PT is a little too long for my liking. I am a HUGE fan of City so I could be bias.:girlsigh:

    purseluv, You might want to ask yourself. Do you like everything placed nicely in your bag(aka PT) or haphazardly throw them around(Day)? Do you like a structured look versus a slouchy look? I think you probably know the answer to your question. ;):p
  4. If you want GH then if it were me, I would get the Day. There isn't so much GH on it so it's not much heavier. The PT and City are a lot heavier with the GH. The Day is a great bag and the more you use it the better it gets. It can hurt your shoulder if you really load it up where the PT had a more comfy strap but it's a heavier bag.
    I'm not a fan of the GH but if I were to choose I would get in it in the Day but I would miss the tassels.:yes:
  5. I have both (4 Day and 1 Part Time) and they serve different purposes. The Part Time seems a bit dressier. The Day has a more relaxed feel. I think it has a bit more breadth in terms of what you could wear with it. Meaning the Day could take you from shorts and a tank top to a sundress to a great pair of black pants, turtlenck and jacket.

    I just don't see a part time with shorts or a sundress.

    Now that's not to say I don't really like my Part Time. The Day is simply more versatile.
  6. Thanks! Hmm...I do like everything placed neatly in my bag. The bag I am using right now is rather conducive to disorganization (it's a huge nylon tote), and it is slightly annoying. I like the things inside to look "snug and neat."

    But I do like the elongating effect of the Day, even if it is a black hole. :smile: After browsing pics of the lovely people here, I love how a Day looks with a tank and jeans. It looks so streamlined and casual. And I am looking for a bag I can grab and use every day to go grocery shopping, errands, etc. The weight of a bag doesn't really bother me as I have lots of heavy bags.

    More info. if it helps with opinions:

    I carry a medium (or maybe this is large, hehe) load in my bags, usually: Sunglasses case or two, Marc Jacobs zip wallet, some medicine, tiny coin purse, iPod, cell phone, a little makeup bag. Once in a while, I like to carry around a small magazine, book, or water bottle.

    I don't like hand-carry bags much. I am always reaching for stuff, so I need my hands free or I'm likely not to use the bag at all.

    I love the look of the PT with the strap. It looks pretty cute hanging down at your side. :yes: The PT with GH looks so structured and refined to me. I like that it has feet and keeps its shape when set down. It'd look so nice on a chair or table. But I already have a Le Dix Classic, so since that little bag also keeps structure and is rectangular, I feel like a PT might be a bit redundant. I can only afford one bag, so I am wondering if I'll totally pine for the Day once I have my PT, considering I have a sorta-similar Classic.

    I'm making this hard on myself, I know. Wish I could buy them all! :push:
  7. These are the Day and PT pics I love (I hope the members don't mind the pic reposts). I am definitely leaning towards a bright green bag, be it a PT or Day.

    They both look gorgeous. So hard to decide! :crybaby:
    DSC03488.jpg AG Modelling.JPG IMG_0664.jpg
  8. the PT is my all time fav style. well the main attraction is that i can put it over my shoulder and i love the more structured style.. if thats for u then get the PT.. it looks great in GH
  9. I vote get the Day for now, since you already have a City. The City and PT are quite similar just that the PT is longer. And start using your City! :p

    Depending on what color you get, the Day can look wonderful with giant hardware, and it will be alot lighter than the usual styles with giant hardware.

    You can then get the PT in future :smile:
  10. I've seen the PT and Day IRL and I have to say that the Day with GH is TDF! I'm not too keen on the PT because of the long east-west style and it reminds me too much of the Twiggy which I do not care for. I'd say go for a Day with GH as I think it looks better than RH, JMHO. :smile:
  11. If you need to carry a lot of stuff around and you want to keep it organized, I think the PT would be great for you. From what you are saying, the PT would serve a more utilitarian function in your bag wardrobe. I think that both the PT and the Day would work, but it's a question of which will work better.
  12. I vote for the day. I absolutely love how light it is, how easily it stays on my shoulder and the casual but classy slouchyness of it. I just got my first one with GSH and i think it is really hot.
  13. Go for the Day! I'm really lusting after a Day, so I'm a little
  14. The day is amazing with GH. I now have 3 days and love them. They are chic and versatile!
  15. Oh, I don't have the City. I have the small First from a few years back! :smile: Thanks.