Help! Can't decide on the new Tokidoki bags

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  1. Okay, I just bought the summer messenger tote for the summer line Tuesday. Now the new line is out and I want one. I am torn between the Mama Mia and the Buon Viaggio. I want it for work. I'm a teacher; which one would work better? HELP!!!!!
  2. could you post some photos? i haven't seen them... :shame:
  3. Buon vaggio.. it is roomier and you can fit more stuff :smile:
  4. I just bought the zucca... cant wait for it to arrive.
  5. Its the Buon Viaggio! The Mama Mia looks the same but just smaller. 30 dollar difference which one should I get?
  6. Unless you are very petite like me (5ft), Buon Viaggio would be better for your work since it's bigger.

  7. Hi Jaz ... I responded to you in the other Lesportsac Tokidoki thread. The Buon Viaggio is better because it's bigger, but if you're carrying papers and you don't want to bend them, then you should get the Trenino. It's bigger than the Buon Viaggio and it's more structured.
  8. Well I am 5 foot 1. Im going to check out the Trenino thanks