HELP! Can't decide on Guci Boston bag.

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  1. Does anyone own a Gucci Joy Boston bag with the tattoo, and love it?
    I already have a Gucci Boston bag but since Gucci's having a sale, thought I had one more to my collection. I'm afraid the tattoo collection will be outdated soon.
  2. You mean you won't be able to buy one soon and they'll be on auction sites for inflated prices.

    If you want it honey you better grab one like yesterday coz they're going fast.
  3. I was on Looks like they have lots in stock.
  4. Thanks for your input and the link. I do like the white w/ tattoo but can 't keep ANYTHING white clean.
  5. #6 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    This could happen?

    I already have a Joy Tattoo Boston with the red trim, and I'm waiting for a Unicef version to be delivered, despite aaaall the bad reviews I read I still like them, I think they are fun, young, perfect for summer and as I live in L.A. for me would be really useful, to others that live in other weather maybe it's not the better choice, because you wear different clothes, you have to decide for yoursel my friend :smile: good luck

  6. Yup the white's is simply stunning but you're right, this is one bag that might not look so good grubby.