HELP CANT DECIDE! - Monty GM or Bloomsbury pm

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  1. Hi guys I'm about to make my next LV purchase and I simply cant decide out of these 2 bags which one to get. I want a go to bag, and love the simplicity of both these bags. Any other suggestions would be welcome also. Thats it price wise tho ......
  2. I prefer the Bloomsbury.
  3. I like the Bloomsbury too!
  4. Monty!!
  5. Bloomsbury gets my vote!
  6. Bloomsbury, bloomsbury, bloomsbury! It's on my wishlist. I so want this bag and it's in damier so the straps are darker and won't darken unlike the vachetta on the mono monty. I don't know if they carry it in damier, but get the bloomsbury! It's more functional looking.
  7. +1 bloomsbury.
  8. Bloomsbury!
  9. you guys are kinda thinking my way with the bloomsbury its lovely
  10. Monty GM
  11. I have the Bloomsbury PM and absolutely love it! Its my go to bag because its so comfy, fits a good bit of stuff, and pretty much goes with anything I'm wearing.
  12. Another vote for the Bloomsbury
  13. Bloomsbury only because it's damier which I prefer right now.
  14. Monty!
  15. if you already have a handheld speedy, and a handheld birkin, then i would go with the bloomsbury. i have it and find it very functional, and i often use it as a shoulder bag instead of a crossbody. because it has the pleat in the front, it dresses it up, so i have often worn it to work with a suit and it looks just fine.