HELP!!! Can't decide if I should keep my trevi pm


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Mar 26, 2010
hi, i'm new to this but thought it would be a great idea to enlist the help of fellow LV aficionados....i recently bought a trevi pm although i initially really wanted an alma demier ebene (although my mother-in-law have this already) but i really do love the alma but in order to be different i opted for the trevi, which i find very trendy...questions are :

-do you think it will be as timeless and classic as the alma?
-is it really worth the price when you can literally buy 2 other LV bags ie: speedy 30 and NF MM (btw i already have a MC speedy 25)
-also for trevi owners, is it just me, or do you find that there's a slight bulge on the zip area? (hardly noticeable to critical eye unless you're like me when you really expect perfection in every detail esp with LV bags)

Help please...i'm going to the mall later to contemplate if i should really exchange it or keep it...oh dear, decisions, decisions....
hi fabglam! i own a damier alma and i love it to pieces. having said that though, i am also loving the trevi and plan to get one at some point. i suggest you keep it BUT only if you really love it. it is perfect because it can be carried on the shoulder. i also think that it is expensive for a reason- good construction, can both be a hand bag and a shoulder bag and more hardware than the speedy or the neverfull put together. the alma is strictly a handbag. both are gorgeous, though. maybe you should keep the trevi and then save for the alma? ;)
Jul 3, 2006
I have both and love both for different reasons. My damier alma is very dressy, classic and pretty. But I absolutely adore my Trevi because it's so versatile. Looks great with jeans too. Keep the Trevi! I think it's one of the best bags ever made by LV.


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Jul 11, 2008
Hmm, funny! I just checked out the trevi bag yesterday...I never really thought about it until then....It is truly a gorgeous bag and i will definitely own it soon...It's a keeper!!


Jan 3, 2009
I have a Trevi and am planning to get the alma at some point. Like someone else mentioned, the versatility of the trevi is fabulous - i.e. it can be dressed up/down and carried by handles or strap. I'd keep it and save for an alma later.


Apr 28, 2009
I want a Trevi so bad, I am just hung up on the price. I can afford it, but still I agree with you-You can buy 2 other bags with that money. I think if I got it though and I was as in love with it as I am now I would keep it. I like it much better than the alma.


Aug 4, 2007
I absolutely adore the Trevi.. but this is just my opinion.. Trevi GM is my HG LV bag so one day I will own it.. but if your first love is the alma I would definitely opt for that.

I think both bags are timeless and will be classics forever.


Dec 4, 2005
I would keep the trevi - not a huge fan of the alma in damier. Keep the trevi and maybe think of an alma in the other materials? :smile: