Help! Can't decide b/t Black or red crocodile

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  1. Hi, I have a lot of birkins. I am very fortunate to have a generous husband who fulfills by birkin addiction. Anyways I am about to upgrade to the crocodile birkin and I dont know which one I should get. The red crocodile is to die for, but I also love the black one. I have 10 birkins and all are leather except 1 pink ostrich. I need some advice.

  2. red
  3. What a fabulous dilemma!!

    I say go RED, too. Why blend... when you can stand out :graucho:

    (although if you ask me tomorrow, I'll make a good argument for black.... mmmm CROC)
  4. Welcome, and it sounds like you have an amazing collection! depends on how you want to use this bag. Do you want to break it out for special occasions to make a splash or add some color to a mostly all-neutral wardrobe, or do you want to have a croc that you can use everyday? If it's the former, red, if it's the latter, go for black.
  5. or maybe whichever pops up at your store first
  6. kshin, red, red, and more Croc would
    totally POP!! ;)
  7. I agree red is divine!
    Second choice would be shiny black, or matte.
  8. red!
  9. I agree completely. It really depends on how you want to use your croc birkin. Shiny black gets my vote, I'm really not a red bag kind of person. I'd go for shiny orange's tdf and so Hermes.
  10. Oohhh... I'm leaning towards red. You're going for croc anyway, why not make a statement with the red? I'm still dreaming about ilovemylife's bloody fab collection...
  11. raisin....wait...what were we talking about again?

    oh yes.

    Well I am mightily attracted to splashy red handbags and I don't even wear that's a great sign! Get the red!
  12. red and... black too . oh sorry I like both
  13. red
  14. i'd choose the rouge h matte croc. ilovemylife has one in the exotic colors reference threaed and it is stunning
  15. red, all the way