HELP- Can't choose between these two bags...need help DESPERATELY!!!!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Hi girls..I am contemplating on these two bags for I am going to St. Lucia next month and I love both but I can only choose one of course...Tell me which one you prefer and why. I wear a lot of maxi dresses and summery dresses to the knee so my dress code is very casual but feminine. If anyone can post pics of either bag worn on someone that would be great as well..This is really hard because I really LOVE both of them...arggg

    Authentic Chanel Timless Tote Petite


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  2. Honestly....I would just bring a WOC on the trip..u dont want to be bringing large leather bags to the carribean.Last time i did got SQUISHED in my luggage!!!SO now i ONLY travel with WOC!and one nylon prada tote for shopping
  3. I would pick the timeless tote- it's so classic and the red caviar leather is gorgeous!
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    Hi, I looked for that red on the search forums here and couldn't find it..maybe someone can help......

    Also, does the timeless totes have a hard time staying on your shoulder due to it's boxiness..
  5. deb68nc,i love the 2nd one !! :biggrin:
  6. Love the white one, but I always love a white bag especially for warm weather.
  7. tough choice--the white is amazing, but i think red might last longer/be used more too! good luck deciding--they are both beautiful
  8. Hey Deb- I work at a high-end women's boutique and I can tell you that with Maxi dresses, rompers, and light summer dresses, I would definitely go with the white. The BIG color this spring is turquoise and I think you will be able to match the white with so many spring prints this year.

    I am going to Vegas with my DH this May and I plan on buying a white WOC just to make it easier to carry while shopping, etc.

    Let us know which one you decide :smile:
  9. White for sure. So beautiful against maxi dresses!
  10. The white one is gorgeous!
  11. I agree with Beach Bum that a wallet on chain would be an easy way to go
  12. pick the red one - gorgeous !
  13. I think the white would be fantastic for warm weather.
  14. I love the white one..perfect for a beachy place like St. Lucia!
  15. I would say Timeless Tote :yes: