Help! , Can you tell me more about this WOC?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I need your help! I recently came back from a vacation to greece and I bought back some goodies. One of them is this "timeless" woc. I only had 1 day to do all my shopping so I was in a rush. I came back to find that I didn't get the tag of this bag , in which I knew the bag had one.. because the SA scanned it at the register. She must've forgotten to put it back in my bag. I have no idea which season is it from. I would also like to know what color is it. Is it considered a pink or a lavender/purple? It's more of a pink tone in natural light but in a room of light, it looks kind of lavender. I have attached two photos of it, the 2nd being in natural light .. sorry its pouring here and the sky is very gloomy so it's quite dark. The hardware is rhodium.

    The serial reads 212xxxxx so I'm assuming it's from early 2016?

    thank you for your time.

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  2. I don't know the details of the bag, but I do know sometimes the SAs remove the tag. I'm sure someone else can tell you why. I just know it's not uncommon. Good luck!
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  4. The recent Woc I purchased has the tag attached to the dust bag. Did they give you a dust bag?
  5. In uk I have never had a tag , I think the rest of Europe it is the same, they don't give them out
  6. Email them?
    Possible to send you one?
  7. This is the tag that came with my Woc its on the dust bag ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468971321.835511.jpg
  8. I am pretty positive that you WOC in dusty pink caviar with aged ruthenium hardware is from 2015 fall/winter collection. Its serial number also matches the time frame from last year. HTH.
  9. I bought a few handbags in Paris - all designers, including a Chanel - and the SA's removed & kept the price tags on all of them. Is the code printed on your receipt? If so, you should be able to look up the info of your bag online.