HELP! Can you insure USPS first class international mail?

  1. Just wondering if first class mail international can actually be insured?
    Towards the middle of last year I made the mistake of consigning several of my bags to a person who just happened to introduce himself on facebook and since he seemed to be trustworthy enough, I sent my Chanel hidden chain hobo, chloe python silverado, BV ebano wallet (NIB) and gucci moon hobo to him for consignment. To make a long story short, he didnt sell any of the bags so after about 4 months of waiting i requested him to ship the Chanel to another consigner ( a better known one). I gave instructions for him to use the consigner's account with UPs and he didnt, he ships with usps instead. The package showed delivered at the usps tracking page but the new consigner never got it. I never got an apology (for his not following my instructions to ship with ups,using said second consigner's account) and the first consigner insinuates that the second consigner is lying and has 'stolen' the chanel. The second consigner pays me $800 (original arranged price for the said bag was $1000). The first consigner then finally ships me back the silverado (im in Canada) and the BV wallet via first class mail so there was no tracking and it took over two months to arrive (my guess is that he didnt actually ship when he said he did). I ask him where the gucci was and he says ill ship it (without even a hint of an explanation or apology). This was in mid december. Last month, he finally agrees that the package is missing so he tells me he will file a claim with USPS. He is 'still waiting on USPS' till now.
    Does first class mail international actually get insured or is this guy just pulling my leg and waiting for me to just forget about the money he owes me?
    So sorry for the long rant, im just really annoyed at this man and needed to vent!
  2. No, You can not insure international first class mail (USPS)
  3. I don't think you can insure First Class International, only USPS Express and USPS Priority Mail. Does he have any paperwork that he can give you copies office receipts and the like?
  4. Thanks for the replies ladies, this is what I'm afraid of. There is no actual insurance but he says he is filing a claim with USPS...not very likely to be true IMO...
  5. USPS international mail can be insured, I usually only mail to the the uk though. I had a situatution where I had to claim, it took 5 months to get a refund!
  6. I don't know why you couldn't insure just can't track it.

    There are always companies like Shipsurance
  7. OP asked about First class international mail, not international mail in general. First class international can NOT be insured.
  8. go to usps they will help
  9. Most clothing sellers use one of the ship insurance companies to insure FCI.