Help! Can you confirm the color?

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  1. Hi! I bought this bag back in fall 2004 and I have no idea what color it is (I find bal colors so confusing!) I have looked in the reference section and it appears to me to look like sky blue. When I purchsed it, I thought Aloha Rag called it baby blue?? Any help appreciated.


  2. It looks like Sky Blue from 2005.
  3. SB05 is very pale & light so might not be it. Could it be Blue from 2003 Fall/Winter?

  4. it doesnt look pewter HW to me. maybe its an 04/05?
  5. It has brass hw, so it's definitely not 03 blue. It looks like 05 sky blue to me :yes:
  6. It does look like an 05 SB blue to me too...
    However the OP said she bought it in Fall 2004 so it is strange that 05 bag was already out no?

    I was thinking then 04 Turquoise?
    But just can't be since this bag has too much blue tones in it..

  7. #7 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    Oh yes, I am so blind! I totally forgot that 2003 HW is not brass. :shame:

    I went back to reference sub forum...

    Sky Blue 05


    Teal 05

  8. It really looks like 05 sky blue, could you post a picture of the metal tag inside the bag or tell us which is the ending letter of the metal tag. If it ends with an "A", then, it's a 05 sky blue. south, check the metal tag, ok? let us know ;)
  9. Looks like S/S 05 Sky Blue to me as well. It was probably available for purchase at the end of 2004.
  10. I agree that it looks like 05 sky blue. It's definitely not 04 light turq.

    It's beautiful!
  11. Thanks for all the responses. It does end with an "A". Looking at the actual bag, the pics I posted are coming out darker.
  12. My pic came out dark- it actually is closer to the sky blue below.

  13. I think the mystery has been solved. Bal girls rule!!!