Help! Can u advise is this INK to u?? I'm confused....:)

  1. I was browsing the and saw this work bag (btw, i'm looking for INK color) and it said the color is dark sea (and i went to atelier.naff to reconfirm the INK color, another name called encre/dark sea)......but it doesn't persuade me that this is INK as i also tried to compare this pic with the rest of the pics that posted on INK CLUB....but looks different as it is supposed to have a bit of purple tones and dark blue tones....Well, this pic shows the dark blue tones but not purple tones....i'm really confused....I also understand the INK color supposed to be 2006 pre-spring but this one is actually 2007 spring/summer......PLS HELP!!!!!!:sad: :sad:
    PS/I also attached the swatch colors for reference. Also, i have emailed to but still waiting for their reply!!!
  2. Hi Celia,

    Encre is french for ink.
    So U found your baby.

    Good Luck FX:heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. Hi FX, so are u sayin that this is really INK color but how come it says the bag is from 2007 spring/summer which i tot is supposed to be 2006 pre-spring....??? I just wanna to confirm before i purchase this...thanks
  4. I think this years marine might also be called deep sea..
  5. Yah...that's wat i think but i tot usually they shld indicate as marine (dark blue) rather than dark sea right? well...will see wat comments abt this.....:smile:
  6. I just checked out Diabro, and the bag is definitely Marine.
  7. Hey thanks it's marine...not INK...wat a disappointment...sigh
  8. Oh, don't give up, Celia! I'm sure that you'll find that Ink Work you've been wishing for. I know that I've seen a couple on eBay, so they're sure to pop up now and again...
  9. I think it's marine. Sorry... :sad:
  10. Thanks monsoon88, appreciate it....will continue look out for it....:smile: :smile:
  11. Sorry i think i was still sleeping and didnt read your question not so good.
    We al keep our eyes open for U ok.

    Sorry once more FX:heart:
  12. Thanks has confirmed that it is dark blue color....anyway, i will continue to look out for it.....thanks everyone!!