Help. Can twilly's be drycleaned?

  1. I just took my black/white bolduc twilly to the dry cleaner (it says dry clean only) but my dry cleaner said he cant do it. The print would get damaged. Has anyone ever had their twilly dry cleaned? How about a bolduc twilly? Help. TIA.
  2. yes...I've had mine dry-cleaned.
  3. You can have it drycleaned. I usually handwash mine. You can use either dishwashing detergent or silk wash liquid and wash it in either cold or lukewarm water.
  4. ^^ Handwashing the silk scarves is actually better if done properly. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can actually do more harm than good to the silk over time.
  5. I really only resort to dry cleaners if a scarf has a lot of icky to it. Normally I use cold water on them, and a special silk wash made for delicates. The only expception are the cashmere/silk blends because I'm not that brave.
  6. Yes, but I prefer to hand wash.
  7. You know, he probably won't tackle it because the black may run onto the white.
  8. Actually, the cashmere/silk ones are the easiest, I've found. And you can even iron them directly. Works like a charm. :smile:
  9. Me too. I don't trust drycleaners with silk scarves.
  10. Would I have a better shot at cleaning it by hand without the black running onto the white?
  11. Wow, really? No issue with any color transfer?
    Come to think of it, I do handwash my cashmere sweaters, etc., but they are all solid colors. I just never thought of handwashing an H shawl because of the possibility of colors running.
  12. Colors running is also a fear of mine when it comes to handwashing.
  13. HI ! i used to dry clean my silk scarves up till i had a little baby - got paranoid (abt the chemicals used in dry cleaning) and then started hand washing my scarves. I haven't had any problems with colour runs on the twillies thus far.
  14. I've never tried handwashing vintage scarves but I've never had problem with my newer scarves. I've managed to get rid of greasy black icky stains using normal dishwashing liquid.