Help! Can someone tell me what happened!

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  1. Hi all, my Palermo PM got caught in a heavy rain this afternoon and just now I noticed that the red glaze started peeling off for one of the handles! It also becomes thicker than the unaffected one. I bought the bag 2 months ago and has been very careful with it, totally didn't expect this to happen! Is it due to the rain? I didn't press or hold it after it got wet. Can anything be done to fix this? :sad: Some images:
  2. Did the handle possibly rub against something while they were wet ?
  3. Hi. The affected side is facing the bag itself so it was not rubbing against my jeans. After I got to office I wiped and leave it dry... and I only noticed the problem 12 hours later... :sad:((
  4. It looks like it soaked up all the water and expanded like a sponge! Wow! Wish I could be of help, but I'd be shocked right now. All I can suggest is taking it to LV? :sad:
  5. Yes, am thinking of going to them tomorrow for them to have a look... My first LV! Really sad...
  6. I don't think this should happen. Please take it to your local store, and speak to the store manager. I hope they can help you. Good luck!
  7. I must say despite your issue with the trim, the vachetta itself held up pretty well and I don't see a watermark one. That being said I am sorry the glaze looks like that and yes it looks all puffed up like it absorbed the water. Please take it back and see what can be done for repair.
  8. Let us know what happens! Good luck....
  9. Yes I'm sure they can provide new straps at a cost since she's had the bag for over 2 months. That suck though!
  10. Definitely go to LV. You'd have to soak it in a hot tub to justify that kind of rapid expansion.
  11. Oh no! Water gets underneath the glazing and causes it to lift. I have never seen it cause so much glazing to wear off. My Speedy glazing crackled from getting wet but it has not come off.
  12. Right!! Ha!
  13. Your pain is my gain. So sorry this happened to you. It's supposed to rain here next week and I just realized I'm not wearing my mono bags.
  14. Dear all, thanks for your input. Am at LV now. The SA at the after sales counter said that the leather will be softened while wet and it might be the drying process that resulted this. I told her that I just left the handles rest normally and she said she doesn't know the process in between, it looks to her that it's the normal parts where wear and tear happens. Since the handle is still functioning, she does not recommend changing them unless it's tore. Think I'll have to live with it :sad:

    Got my shoulder strap sent for assessment though. Got a crack on it.
  15. I don't think I agree with normal wear/tear, especially considering you have a crack on your strap too. Seems like you may have a defective bag. Was it the manager that helped you?