Help! Can someone tell me if this is *sable*?

  1. I am missing my sable so badly and may have found another! The tag says 03-05-53 so it's the right year...the seller is saying it's sable but unfortunately she doesn't have the chloe hangtag. I want to make sure as I only want sable as I'm not a fan of cream - the sable has a definite pink tinge to it. Only thing that makes me question it is the piping on the handles on mine was a very dark marooney shade; this one is a pale beige shade. I'm hoping someone can help me - it doesn't appear to be the vanilla or cream from this year so keeping my fingers crossed!

    thanks so much!
  2. Definitely doesn't look like vanilla, you're right about that. It does look like sable in that picture (to me), can you get another pic in natural light maybe? And wait for other opinions, of course.
  3. I'm with rinstar... I think it looks like sable, but we need a picture in natural light, and not on a pink carpet!

    Is the seller trustworthy? if so, I would be inclined to believe her if she says it's sable and she's sure of it.
  4. I'll see if I can get more pics...seller only has a few feedback but seems honest enough. I have had very bad luck lately though LOL.

    What about the trim color? I had the sable and the trim was very dark - this one doesn't have dark trim which bothers me...
  5. Definitely need pictures in daylight.

    Here is a pic of mine to compare [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's my Sable paddy, showing the front and back, and also color on the piping.
  7. Thanks girls! I requested daylight pics so I hope I get some...

    Soleil since you have a sable paddy, what do you think of this one so far? Like I said, my concern is that the one I had had dark trim, and yours does too...yet the one I might purchase has lighter trim. So confusing :sad:

  8. Ooops I should have explained - sable is on the left, craie is on the right.
  9. Sorry hun, I am pretty sure this is craie, not sable.

    There have been a couple of the light-trim 05s and IIRC they were all craie.

    I know there is a thread with pics of this too but I can't find it.

    Anyway, check out Audrey's sable for a good idea of how pink it should really be:

  10. I agree with hmwe46, I think your potential paddy is a beautiful craie instead of pinkish Sable. I thought mine was Craie even though the tag says Sable:p
  11. thanks SO MUCH girls - I didn't think it was sable due to the trim but so wanted to find one as a b-day gift to myself :sad: maybe one will pop up eventually...I can only hope!

  12. Oh Twinklette you'll find your sable! I can tell you have your heart set - My Mom always says "good things come to those who wait" and happy b-day! Your sable will come around before you know it ;)
  13. purse4u that is so sweet of you to say! I'll wait my turn, it will come around eventually, all the rare ones do :upsidedown::nuts:

  14. sorry to rub it in (i had entered this thread to help out, but i see you're all set), but - i loove my sable still! =) it is the most beautiful paddy colour imo.

    if you search in my old threads i have a sable picture thread from some time back, if you want more sable pics

    all the best!
  15. I agree with all of you, trim doesn't look sable--. Still thanking hmwe46 and bellecherie for the craie and sable paddy's they sent my way. One of these days I'm going to get you girls that group shot of vanilla, sable, craie, blanc all together!!