Help! Can someone tell me if GH city handles...

  1. are longer than regular city handles? I have to know. If yes, I am getting rid of GH PT and getting a GH city. Also if someone could provide measurements, that would just awesome!:confused1:
  2. from what ive heard from some sales associates here, they are a little longer...can anyone else confirm this?
  3. I just got the truffel GH city and the handles measure 15 inches(from the squoval ring) 38cm. The strap is 24 1\4 (end of hook to hook) 62.2 cm. Hope this answers one of your questions.
  4. Ok, I measure the handles on PT and they measure 6 inches?? How can they be 15???
  5. I just measured my PT regular hardware and the handle is about 14 inches from end to end. Not much difference!!!
  6. I think there is a difference, because it's being able to carry the bag on one's shoulder vs. not being able to do so. I am a shoulder person and don't like carrying bags in my hand, esp. anything as long as PT. So for me those extra inches count.

    Btw, do you measure horizontally? I was measuring vertically from the top of the bag to the bottom of the handles...
  7. I measured top on handle to to the top of the purse (center) it measures 5 1/2 inches. I can wear the handles but it's snug, but the straps are shorter than the PT so using it is better on the shoulders.
  8. I don't have measurements but I can wear my city/GH on shoulder, cannot wear my city w/regular hw on shoulder. Hope this helps.
  9. From talking to BalNY it appears that the handles on GH city are the same size as the handles on GH part-time. Can anyone confirm?