Help! Can someone look up the addy for Carmel/Monterey store

  1. My sk is not working on the LV site . Can some look up the addy please.....guess where I am going tomorrow ;)
  2. anyone ....please
  3. This is what it says:

    Carmel Plaza #204
    Ocean and Mission 93921

    Phone number is (831) 622-7403
  4. thanks so much
  5. You're welcome!
  6. Is your husband playing too much golf? A little retail therapy might help ease the "loneliness"! Have fun shopping!
  7. Please let us know how your shopping goes @ that boutique. I've called, visited & purchased there just a few times. Have had mixed experiences with the SA's. Just curious to know what you think and if you'd shop there again.:smile: (& if anyone is super nice to you, tell us who they are so I know who to ask for next time)
  8. Let us now about you time.
  9. Oh I love it up there!!! Lucky gal!!!!!