help - can someone identify my latest bv please?

  1. this just arrived, and i love it (although the smell of the nappa umbria took some getting used to), but - don't know the name of the bag. can some kind soul please enlighten me?
    Unknown BV.JPG
  2. Congratulations, aca, it`s a great bag. And so appropriately placed on the desk for you to admire!

    It`s called the Napoli bag (now i can finally tell Palermo and Napoli apart, thanks to uclaboi) and I think the colour is Pepe from F/W 06
  3. aca - congrats on the new purchase!! a very different bv!
    where did you get that from?
  4. Congrats on your new buy aca! As this is an older model, possibly eBay?

    Hi kopibaby, are you back from your trip? I've been trying to stay good. :angel:
  5. no ms piggy,
    i am still overseas and still waiting for your order!
  6. I didn't know the name, but I really love the style and color! congrats :smile:
  7. aca - I'm pretty sure that is the one on Bluefly now for $1321 (USD). They call it the basketweave flap top satchel.
  8. ACA, Many congrats as Claus said it is definatly the Napoli bag and the colour does look like pepe (same as my cocker) a kind of taupey brown. I saw one on sale through a few weeks ago. I love the style and the colour is beautiful. Here's a pic of my pepe cocker to compare...
    bottega cocker 006.jpg
  9. aca, congrats! What a delicious texture and color!! Action pics!!!
  10. thanks, c_24 and syma, it's good to know that my latest bv baby has a name. does pepe have the colour code 2103? that's what it says on the authenticity code.

    kopibaby, i got this at 50% off from net-a-porter. they are really fast, after confirming the order i received it in 3 working days. couldn't miss such as steal! and yeah, it's quite a different look. ladylike and understated - the intrecciato weave is only visible on the sides and base of the purse.

    ms piggy, i think you're right about it being an older model, as the serial numbers on the authenticity tag has only got a row of alphanumerics, instead of two rows like the recent bags from 2007 and 2008. i also noticed that the lining of the internal zip pocket is completely suede, instead of a regular fabric with the newer bags.

    jburgh, i didn't get it from bluefly because the the discount wasn't as substantial as net-a-porter and i would have to top up some more for shipping to singapore.

    boxermom and bunkie, thanks so much for the good feedback. i have to admit i had some initial doubts as the colour didn't come out too well on the website, but definitely no regrets when it arrived!
  11. Lovely bag! How big is it?
  12. Congrats on the Napoli bag! Yes, it's Pepe and it's from FW 06.
  13. thanks for enlightening me, uclaboi! it's such a blessing that tpf has such knowledgeable members. :flowers:

    bookermoose, the dimensions of the bag (in inches) are 16.5 x 8 x 5. i especially love the contrast of the gold hardware (it's been treated to look a little vintage) on the nappa umbria. btw, it's still available at net-a-porter at 50% off. :graucho:
  14. Mmmn just checked for you ACA and my pepe colour code is 2122, but maybe because the bag has python in it :confused1:. The BV SA definately said that my bag was pepe.
  15. thanks, syma, i might just ask the next time i step into a bv store. i am trying my darnest not to head in that direction just in case i see an ottone or ferro sloane, and am not able to wait till i next travel overseas to make my acquisitions.