Help can somebody name this Vuitton??

  1. i know i know i know what its called but i cant remember! I need to know if its genuine also ( i have posted in the right thread mods)

    It looks like the Samur (sp?) but slightly smaller!

    Any advice would be great :smile: also where can i find the date code on this bag?? A super HUGE thank you in advance :yes:
  2. Is that a tamborine? I think they call it not sure but that is my guess heh...
  3. Im not sure :shrugs: i think the Tamborine is the smaller size and the Ssamur (again sp?) is the bigger size. The most frustrating thing is i know i know it but i just cant remember. Im sure once somebody says it ill kick myself!!!

    Thank you Shazarae :smile:
  4. Hmmmm no idea if I stumble upon it I'll come back and let you know heh! I hope you find out... and YW!
  5. I think it's called the Chantilly
  6. yes it is :yes: it was made in the late 80's up to the late 90's
  7. Yep I just looked it up on eBay! That is what it is called heh. Darn you beat me to the punch heh!:p
  8. the date code is on the front side on the right of the bag when you open the flap, its printed into the leather. Hope that helps :flowers:
  9. xhollieax i am Officially your bigggest fan! Thank you so much. I am now going to go and kick myself for forgetting lol!

    thank you to everybody who replied and set my mind at rest!!!!!

    Thank You x 1,000,000!!!!
  10. one more quick question though! on the back is it suposed to have 1 or 2 *braces* holding down the flap strap?? the one im looking at has 2 but others being sold by MPRS have only one *confused*
  11. I think two, I have only ever saw them with two. What auction is the MPRS one with one brace ???
  12. Thats okay, just don't kick yourself too hard please!
  13. Hmmm as far as I can see on eBay those only have 1 Rebbecalou28 has one up on there and I've heard her stuff is all Auth...
  14. the first one looks a vintage one so I think the design would have been changed in the early 90's