Help! Can somebody help enlighten on the type of blue for this Marcie?

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  1. Hi! Really much appreciated if somebody can help in identifying the official designer color name of this Marcie bag! Nordstrom has a Marcie bag in Steel blue (looks much darker and has some green it seems) and this one looks lighter in color. But the website just simply state it as a 'blue' color. Is that the actual name?

    LINK --

    Thanks much in advance!
  2. Link doesn't work.
  3. link doesn't work but here's my Marcie in Steel Blue from Nordstrom with blue Hayley if it helps:smile:

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  4. Oh dear. It loaded for me properly, the link. So sorry about that. I have uploaded the image that I screen captured, to make it easier.

    Thank you Gemsberry. I saw your Marcie in another post (it's really nice to have real life reference pictures and I could compare it to the Nordstrom pics which had the steel blue as well), but your steel blue didn't quite look like the one at Monnier Freres (the link that didn't work). I was wondering whether they were the same blue (just under really strong lighting?). :thinking:

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  5. Could it be street blue? I have a mini Marcie in that colour (reveal's somewhere on this forum) which looks very similar to the bag you posted!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461692905.947458.jpg
  7. IMO it's Steel blue for sure. I checked the site Monnier Freres and I looked at their stock -it's last season bags, so it should be either steel blue or Factory Blue. then contrast light green stitching reveals it's Steel blue. other "blues" have dark stitching.
  8. Lovely Marcie there! All the different blues are making me kind of blue in the eyes now. :wacko:

    Also thanks for trying to help me identify the color. :smile:

  9. Oh wow. The stitching. I didn't notice that. :amazed:

    Although I can't quite believe that both sites have such different pictures of the steel blue. But I really like the darker version that was shown on Nordstrom (those pictures really tempted me to consider the Marcie in that color). But now that the Monnier Freres one is showing the color in a different light, I'm not so sure now. :thinking:

    I personally thought the darker colors on a marcie brought out more of the bag's character, especially those stitches.

    Thank you, Gemsberry for the help!

  10. You're welcome! And yes, blue's a lovely colour. I have too many blue bags...
  11. You can email to Monnier Freres to ask about color or get it from Nordstrom to see if you like that color IRL and return it if you don't.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I have dropped Monnier Freres a message via their contact form. Unfortunately, I don't live in the US, so I'm considered as an international customer :sad: , so returns are quite a hassle in my opinion if I were to buy from Nordstrom.

  13. That makes returns difficult.
  14. Despite that, I still buy most of my bags from foreign online sites and so far, I have never had to return a bag, since I didn't encountered any issues with them. :sweatdrop:

  15. I like Farfetch for international orders for that reason, quite often you can get free shipping and returns and duties are already paid.