Help! Can I wear this or do I look silly? *pics*

  1. Ok gals, I stumbled on a great deal on some black gap skinny pants at the outlet ($5!!) My coworkers (from the gap!) told me I looked good but I am too nervous to wear them without getting a second opinion. Sorry about the quality but the lights in my apartment are not really all that great!

    The shirt is from target (I realized I had no tunic style shirts to wear with these pants!) and you can see it here:

    Please give me your honest opinions :smile:
    Photo 8.jpg Photo 9.jpg
  2. I think it looks good on you!
  3. what are you worried about,
    they look great :okay: wear them in good health
  4. I really am not a fan of skinny jeans, but that's besides the point. I think you should wear what makes you feel good and confident. If you have doubts about these jeans then return them, b/c you'll be so uncomfortable wearing it.
  5. They look good...wear them with a longer shirt. It gives the skinny jean a better look when paired with a longer type shirt.
  6. I think it looks great on you. Especially at such a great deal. I like the look.
  7. I'm just not used to anything trendy- I've been a jeans and tshirt kind of gal my whole life. I'm really trying to dress a little more stylishly, and I figured a good way to work my way into a few pieces is to buy them inexpensively to try out first. They're actually really comfy and not tight at all, so I think I'll forget they're not my usual bootcuts after awhile.

    just wanted to make sure I wasn't violating major rules like can I wear a dark blue top with black pants? are they too short? etc :smile:
  8. Its hard to see- but the shirt is about an inch below my butt. Is that long enough do you think?
  9. Black skinnys go with everything, and at that price, it's a sweet deal!

    Be confident, and don't stress out about wearing it in ways you're not comfy in. Have fun!
  10. I think they look great! Congrats on your great buy :smile:
  11. Awesome find!!! They look good on you. You should definitely invest in a few more tunic tops because you need to rock those pants more often.
  12. they look fine to me :smile: nice price too!
  13. Thanks! You guys are sweet. I'm going to wear them today!
  14. They look great on you, silly! :smile:
  15. It looks good to me.