Help- can I still save my Chanel bag?

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  1. I have a lamb skin classic flap in medium, color metalic grey. I recently found the right bottom corner was a little dirty. So I took a paper tower, wet it and mop the dirty stuff off the corner. It looked all perfect again.

    However!! When I took it out for use next time, I found out that corner turned into a dark black color. Almost like the top skin is off!

    Do you gals know if I can still save my bag?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. #2 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    you are not supposed wet the leather with water especially sink water.

    you may need send in to Chanel for redye.
  3. Sounds like you rubbed off the top layer. I don't know the answer and because metallic is so delicate, I suggest you ask Chanel. However, if anyone knows a solution, please share.
  4. You'd need to have it recolored it by sending it to Chanel. Metallics are very hard to fix the color on I hear, in that they are made using foils with finish over top and not normal dyes. If it is just the corner they should be able to fix it.
  5. Send it off to Chanel ASAP. This is not something you'll want to fix on your own.
  6. Just yesterday thinking about this bag and how it will wear and be taken care of over time. I know the glazier metallics an sa said Chanel can do nothing when I was considering buying but this??!! It's a different treatment so maybe can be redone or as someone said it's only corner. Good luck
  7. found this out the hard, but cheap way. I have a pair of metallic leather gloves. There was a piece of adhesive from a book of stamps on one of the gloves. When I pulled the piece of paper off, there was a nice little stamp shaped black area on the front of one of the gloves. So, live and learn. A $45 pair of Talbots gloves from several seasons back. In, I might add, the exact dark silver as my dark silver maxi. The crazy thing is, the leather on the bag doesn't even look metallic, does it? Good luck with the repair.
  8. Ohh OP soo sorry this happened to you! Definetly get Chanel to take a look at it for you!
  9. oh no! good luck with that. let us know what you decide to do.
  10. I am sorry to hear Sophie pointed out, the top layer has been rubbed off. Usually, this happens over time with all matallics especially those with the metallic sheen finish. i am sorry to say that it is irreversible. Only way is to spray over it with the exact colour. But I am doubtful Chanel does that... This is all part of the down side of owning a metallic bag.
  11. chanel dont redye as far as i know.. esp metalics.. they say its wear and tear and there is nothing they can do...
  12. Chanel does redye, at least in the US. It's right on their price menu. Metallics are different in that it's foil and not color and they may not if the finish has worn off the entire bag, but they should for a corner, and absolutely for any normal finish.
  13. I had a metallic bag with corner wear that sounds very close to what you are describing. I brought it in and was told that metallics are very difficult to touch up and that the only way was to redye the whole entire bag (not just the corner) and even then they couldn't gauranteed the results.
    That is what actually turned me off to the metallics although I think they are very pretty. I'm so sorry this happened to your bag but I do think that color will wear off eventually with these bags if you use them.
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