Help! Can I return again..?

  1. I returned my beige caviar classic flap today cos there was some flaws with the interior trimming.
    I love both caviar and lambskin..but don't know what came to me, I exchanged it with a lambskin but of the same colour instead.

    But now that I have read all the post regarding the lambskin - scratch prone, clothings colour transfer, kinda scares off knowing I usually have these problems with my other bags.. And I am using this bag for everyday use..:sad:

    I feel like changing it again back to caviar..
    And this time at another boutique - cos I must honestly say that the SA didn't really look like she was patience enough with me earlier when I was inspecting my bag just what more to exchange another time?

    I learn from this forum that it's possible to change at another store.
    How about in the case changing twice? Has anyone done it before or does anyone knows if it's possible?:confused1:
    Especially that the caviar flap cost £85 pound less? Would they do refund the less cost?

    All help would be greatly appreciated..:crybaby: I can't sleep now thinking about this..
  2. Again, if your not happy, return it! They can't say No unless they specified that when you made your exchange...
    However I once did the same thing as you, got a caviar...went back and got lambskin because beige looks better in lambskin IMO...
    So...its okay, if you like the lambskin keep it. A handbag needs to be used and not baby all the time...lambskin is not as EASY TO care for; but it depends on whether you think its worth it. If you like the lambskin I'ld keep it, if you don't just return it!
  3. return it if you're not happy, i wouldn't take no for an answer. not sure of their exchange policies, but they might just give you a credit note.
  4. Chanel isn't Hermes, there's no game playing w/ buying or returns.
    Don't think twice about it, if you don't adore it or you're having 2nd thoughts, send her back!
  5. ^^ frayed: where I live, the boutique specifies after one exchange I CANNOT exchange it anymore!... but our local store policy is bad - no refunds at all *but of course if your are a frequent customer then yes* and all exchanges within 14 days.
  6. ^that's weird!
  7. swanky: yup...pretty bad rule but I think US boutiques are generally more accepting toward refunds for some weird reason...
    so don't shop in Canada! hehehe
  8. Awww! Sorry you're having so much stress getting your bag, but I think being picky is worth it. If you spend so much on a bag, you have to be completely satisfied with every single aspect of it. I agree with the others, return it (or at least try to) if you are having doubts.
    I really want a classic flap myself and I prefer how lambskin looks and feels, but I know that I will prefer a bag that can handle more wear. That's why I intend to get the caviar. You shouldn't worry about the SA, don't let her intimidate you... it's your money and you have the right to be 100% content with your purchase :love:
  9. Thanks for all your replies ladies..
    But have you done or hear of exchage twice?
    I bought the bag last Thursday, exchange it yesterday(cos Chanel was closed before) I'm still within the 14 days policy..

    How about exchanging for something which cost less? Will they do refund for the difference?
  10. Yes Kimbo79,
    I must admit that the SA was kinda intimidating. She gave me a bag with the same kind of flaws plus the zipper have the glue dirt. I told her -twice infact- I want another one but she flatly told me it's all the same. It does intimidates me at first..but then I told myself "you are paying £985" I insisted(in a nice way) if "she can kindly bring me another one for me to confirm if it's all the same". So she finally did. But I can see she wasn't too happy of course. And as I was inspecting it, she seems like she didn't have the patience. After that she spoke to her colleague in French. Despite of my husband is french, I don't speak it's a pity that I couldn't understand..
    That's why I am thinking to change it at another boutique tomorrow..:sad:
  11. unless it says on the receipt that you can't exchange twice, then legally you should be able to exchange.

    also if the first bag had a defect to begin with, you should have been entitled to a refund regardless of their exchange policies (here in australia anyway!).

    i would call up another boutique and explain to them your problem and ask if they will do an exchange there. i'm positive you can, it's not something they tell you but apparently there should be a global warranty (speak to outrageous on the australian vogue forum).

    hope that helped!
  12. ^Thanks Frayed_misfit
    I will try to call the other boutique tomorrow morning.. Well hopefully it all goes well..
    Wish me luck..:sweatdrop:
    And as for now, I hope I can go have a *good* night sleep..:s
  13. hi ibiza,

    i'm not sure which chanel in london you went to that had such bad customer service, but if it's not the brompton street branch, perhaps you might want to try the branch. i've called up all the chanel branches in london before and so far, i'd say that the one in brompton street provided really quality service - the gentleman on the line was very patient with my questions and when he said he would call back after trying to help me find a certain bag, he did call back very promptly. i never caught his name, but i was impressed by their service there.

    perhaps you might want to try that branch at brompton street?

    the sloane street branch on the other hand... UGH!

    all in all, good luck with the exchange! i hope it works out for you. by the way, with regards to the difference in amount when doing exchanges, i'm not sure how chanel works but dior does not refund the price difference, one simply has to either purchase a bag of the same value or something of a higher value. although i think it might be possible to ask for a store credit instead. i'd think chanel would have a similar policy. ;)
  14. ^Thanks zerodross for the useful infos.
    I actually went to the one in Old Bond Street.
    I was told in my previous threads frm 2 Londoners that the one in Sloane St have better I'm thinking of going there actually...:s
  15. ^ heh, it might just be me, but i was utterly put off by the sloane street branch's service - getting ignored by SAs, SAs being surly and unhelpful. I guess it depends, they seemed pretty nice to the "older ladies" in the store when i was there, and the SA on the second level tending to the clothes & shoes was very nice, so it's worth a shot to go to the sloane street branch if 2 other PFers have recommended it.

    either way, i hope everything goes well for your exchange! *crosses fingers for you* ;)