Help = can I convert to hand-held?

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  1. All my purse-loving life I have had to have shoulder bags. I find now though my back is hurting from carrying them, and my posture is suffering! Other than the Speedy, what hand-held bags are good? And do you ever get used to carrying bags that way? Lately I have just been dragging my shoulder bags around in my hand.
  2. I was a lifelong shoulder bag girl too, but I converted easily once I got my first Speedy. Other good handheld bags are the Balenciaga First, Box, and City. They all have detachable shoulder straps, but they are so lightweight that I almost always carry them in the crook of my elbow. If you like LV, you might also try the Manhattan PM. The handles are a little longer than the Speedy so it's very comfortable to carry. I also love the look of the Damier Knightsbridge, but I've never tried one.

    I've tried the Chloe Paddington satchel for hand-carrying, but I don't recommend it - the leather is wonderful, but it's really heavy.
  3. You can do it! I love both! Buy one and use it for a week, and you will wonder why you didn't like satchels for so long.
  4. me too, i'm more of a shoulder bag. the only hadnheld bag that i love is my LV cerises speedy.
    i'm not too confortable carrying a handheld, so i don't use it a lot.
  5. My back dr is always fussing at me for carrying shoulder bags. I bought a LV monogram speedy thinking that I'd start carrying a hand bag, but my poor speedy has only been used 3 times since I got it (in July). I just can't stand hand bags! I thought I could get used to it, but I can't.
  6. I'm not really a fan of hand held bags either but my mom loves them. she has an epi alma
  7. I love shoulder bags. I bought an LV black Mary Kate hand held and always fear I will forget it someplace becasue it is not attached to my shoulder. Go figure?

  8. The Louis Vuitton Papillon is a very nice bag that can be used as a handheld.
    It comes in two sizes and is available in mono and the damier. In the epi leather, it is called the soufflot and in the vernis line, it is the bedford.
    Very pretty!
  9. I've been there, and the best thing is to lighten the load by carrying just what you'll need and putting said items in lighter bags. A heavy satchel will still hurt your joints, and it's even worse if you put it in the crook of your arm. Elbows just aren't designed for that kind of wear and tear.

    I like having my hands free, and I don't think I can ever go back to a hand held.
  10. ^ ITA. :yes:

    I can't stand hand-held (apart from clutches, which can be tucked under my arm when I need to use my hands).

    When I carry heavy carrier bags (from stores) for any distance, my elbow and hand always start hurting and I invariably end up either slinging them over my shoulder (whilst still holding them, if you KWIM?), or carrying them like a baby, resting on my hip!

    I know I'd do the same with hand-held bags, so what's the point? :shrugs:

    I might as well have a shoulder bag, that I prefer the look of and can carry in my hand if necessary; or on my shoulder, or like a baby(!), as required. :biggrin:
  11. You can have the best of both worlds. I always used shoulder bags in the past but love the look of a hand held bag. The Balenciaga First & City has both features and so does the Gryson Skye. I usually use the hand strap but when I need free hands I can sling it over my shoulder. And neither bag looks unsightly having the long strap on.
  12. I have always, and always will, carry shoulder bags. I can be carrying a shoulder bag and forget that I have it with me, whilst a handbag I would be very aware of. I must have my hands free.
  13. I totally agree with those who suggested lightening your load rather than trying to "convert" to a hand-held bag. I recently purchased a Multicolore speedy and while I love it, I cannot stand the fact that I can't throw it onto my shoulder. (It's even worse with the speedy because I'm constantly worrying about the vachetta handles.) Lesson learned -- I will never again purchase a bag that cannot be shouldered. It's just not practical. I feel like I'm walking around with a limb cut off or something. I know that is an extreme analogy but it's very frustrating and really cramps my normal movements not to be able to throw the bag onto my shoulder.
  14. i love both!!!
  15. I'm also kind of a shoulder-bag kind of person...but Louis Vuitton just has *so* many good hand-held bags, I couldn't resist adding a few toes/handhelds into my collection :drool:

    Like somebody else said, I think the Papillon is a great hand-held bag. You can use the 30 both as a shoulder bag and a hand-held.
    I think the Manhattans are great hand-held bags...very classy.
    I recently bought a Batignolles, it's a very cute small-medium sized tote.
    Oh and if you like Damier, the Duomo is a beautiful bag.
    You have a lot to choose from, good luck finding a tote you like!