Help! Can calfskin leather be repaired?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm kind of tired of dealing with Chloe customer service and this ordeal has been going on for 2 months. Long story short I bought a Faye and I asked if it needed to be treated for color transfer (it has a suede top), etc. They said no so I used my purse for a couple of hours , not running directly, and guess what major color transfer. So I tried to remove it and got out about 75% but under the light you could see the stain. So after 2 weeks they told me to send it back to them for cleaning charge free. So after 3 weeks I got it today and guess what, the stain is gone but there are several scratches on the calfskin. I'm so furious since I only got to use it once. They mishandled it so bad that the ends are bended. So I emailed them back and they say to send it back FOR REPAIR!!!! Can calfskin be repaired? What should I do?
  2. Ask for refund or exchange, I would not accept repair again on a new bag.
  3. I emailed them asking for other options. Let's see what they say. I'm so frustrated!
  4. I would not ask but tell them you want either an exchange or store credit as Chloe boutiques don't offer a refund period. So sorry you have to deal with this!
  5. I sent another message asking for an exchange or store credit. Haven't heard anything back yet. For sure they take their sweet time! Last time it took 2 weeks to find a solution. So tired of this! :sad:
  6. I'd get on the phone and call the 800 number and get a supervisor on the line....I'm sure it's frustrating and I'd be calm but let them know that you called for advice on the color transfer issues, did what they said, got your bag back with scratches which is unacceptable, and now have been ignored and don't feel as though you're a valued customer...that type of thing :smile: Hope that helps!
  7. This what they answered:

    Thank you for your message
    Please be advised that unfortunately we cannot provide a store credit or exchange at this time. Our policy states a store credit or exchange is possible within seven days from the date of purchase. This is a strict policy we keep in order to ensure relevancy and consistency in our boutiques globally.
    We are more than happy to provide a prioritized repair at no additional cost to you.
    Please note that we waived the fee for the repair since it was a recent purchase. All our handbags have care instructions that outline the possibility of color transfer on suede and leather products.
    We apologize for any inconveniences during this time.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you require further assistance. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm,
    Eastern Standard Time.

    So I talked to a supervisor and she said that's all they can offered even though damages were caused by them.
  8. I can understand them not caring about the color transfer and I'm surprised they cleaned it for free which was kind BUT damaging your bag while in their care and sending it back damaged it BS...I'd take pictures of the bag before you send it back just in case it was to end up looking worse and sadly as much as I love Chloe, would never buy a bag from them again! That is horrible customer service and I'm outraged on your behalf as well!
  9. #9 Mar 23, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
    Before I bought the bag I asked them about color transfer and water stains and they said no need to do further treatments since it comes pre-treated. So they have been misleading me since day one.
    I sent pictures of what they did during the repair time. They are fully aware it was their fault and the supervisor said it was corporate who made the final decision.
    I'm done with them. I'm not sending my bag back. They are not worth my time or efforts. I just want to make sure everyone is aware of their poor customer service practices.
  10. so sorry to hear that. that's SA's mistake. I treat all my hm...22 Chloe bags with collonil waterproof/SPF protection spray and leather gel. I also do color transfer tests on any fabric before wearing an expensive bag with it after I ruined my brand new Anya Hindmarch Belvedere with suede/leather stripes.
  11. I know that's why I asked. That's what I do with my Chanel bags but the SA proudly said no need. Their cleaning removed the stain but they mishandled it through the process. It came with multiple scratches on the calfskin area. Besides that, they poorly packed the bag (flat without stuffing it with paper; like a book) and the end corners are inwardly bended. Very disappointing!
  12. I know, it's a pain. with all due respect I don't think Chloe bags are bulletproof pre-treated. not like color will rub off but I won't walk in the rain with this bag. you need to apply and re-apply waterproof once in awhile. but how they could pre-treat suede? Maybe I'm behind the trends in suede treatment but it's still very delicate finish that needs to be babied. SAs may think it's a strong selling point to say bags are pre-treated.
  13. Did you pay with major credit card? Ask your card issuer to assist.

  14. There are not and that's why I asked. I asked what product they recommended to treat the bag and that's when they say no need but that's no the issue. That problem was taken care of. The new problem/issue is that they damaged (many scratches) during the process and they are only offering another absurd repair.

  15. Yes I paid with a credit card but I'm not sure how they can help. It didn't get lost or came damaged.