Help! Can anyone here help me authenticate??

  1. I need help - I think I found a Chanel for my sis but I'm not sure it's authentic. If anyone has time, I can email some pictures? Thank you! :love: :nuts: :amuse: I would be so grateful as it's her birthday and my mom and I are going to pitch in for her IF it's real :shame:
  2. Can you post the pics here? You can either attach them or use photobucket (and link)
  3. Sure! Here they are --> are there any other pictures I need? It comes with authentication card and dustbag (member is from another forum but I want to make sure :shame: )



  4. It looks good to me.
  5. Thanks Savannah! Do you have one of these bags? How would I tell if it wasn't authentic? I requested pics of the back and interior especially the authentication cards/hologram. I'll post as soon as they arrive.
  6. i pmed you.
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