Help???!! Can anyone give me leads on where to find the dogleash snap extenders

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  1. Hello! I've read on the forum where one can extend there legacy handbags drop and make it a more comfortable shoulder bag by using a dog leash snap extender. Can anyone please tell me where they were able to find them? What stores? I've searched and looked at several places and have found nothing. Please help!!!

    I did a search for any threads on here and was unsuccessful. So if there are others, please let me know.

    Thank you all!!!
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  4. I love them so much, I have one for each of my Legacy shoulder bags! It makes the bag SO much more comfy to wear, especially with a winter coat on. I got mine in Walmart, over in the hardware section where they have ropes and chain parts.
  5. Thanks so much T-Girl and Wcofer28!! I'll be heading to Walmart today!! I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  6. Yeaaay, I can't wait to see your newly-improved extended bag.

    BTW, don't get your hopes up too high. I haven't seen any at my Walmart. Also plan on checking other hardware stores like Home Depot as well. Don't just limit to Walmart. It appears that once the news was out, every Coachie raided the snap bolt clasp area and cleared out everything.

    Also, consider getting some silver ones for your keyfobs--you can turn them into pursefobs by just connecting them to the keyring.

    Good luck!
  7. I don't have a Walmart and none of my hardware stores here in Spain had big brass ones, much less antique brass to match the bag.... however, that Bonanzle seller (she's also on ebay with the same username but I figured we should support Bonanzle instead and help our sellers succeed there, with lower fees!) just got some Antique Brass ones in that EXACTLY match the legacy bags, and she ships wicked fast too! I paid on a Thursday and already had my bolt snap on Tuesday and I am half a world away! :tup:
  8. Well Dang T-Girl! Thanks for the heads up on Walmart! That is toooo funny, but I bet you're right about the news getting out and that deminished their stock. I'll make my rounds in the next couple of days and see what I find. Thanks too for the idea for the keyfobs!! You're the best!
  9. Thanks a bunch BDP!! I'll take a look on Bonanzle as well.
  10. You can just use the Coach trigger snap keyfobs, :yes:

  11. :blush: Awwww shucks! You're quite welcome. I hope you find the snap bolt clasps that you want. If you have a small neighbourhood hardware store, check there too. I got mine from Canadian Tire.

    BDP: OMG! You live in Spain? Woweee! I thought you were residing someplace in the US of A. No wonder the Legacy Raisin Shoulder Bag was such a good deal. Sounds like Coach is a distant dream. Maybe Coach, once the economy goes back up, will open more stores in Spain.

    Good luck again and I can't wait to see pix of your newly-improved bag. I totally love these snap bolt clasps.
  12. T-Girl I would be over the moon if they would open ONE store here.... I have to rely on *bay and stateside friends to hit outlets for me, and once a year when I fly to the States for a Expo where my online boutique has a booth, I hit the Chicago outlets like crazy :tup:
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    ^Coach should hear that^ --> Open a boutique in Spain .... or they'll be rain falling mainly on the plains. [Sorry for the bad cliche, I couldn't resist.] ;)

    I am glad you can visit to the States from time to time to have a Coach fix. I am lucky if I go to an outlet twice a year--depending on my friend's interest.

    According to BigP, there may be a new outlet opening in Niagara Falls, Ontario. If so, I am definitely going to take a look over there--it's closer than Windsor, Ontario. Currently, I am happy that I have Yorkdale sales to keep me happy.

    In that case, I am sooooooooo glad you got your Legacy Raisin Shoulder Bag. You deserve it more than most of us.
  14. Awww thanks! You know..... I posted earlier in the Coach finds thread about a raisin shoulder bag that had 19 minutes to go and was only at $149... I hope a lucky tPFer snagged her!

    ETA: Oh wow it went for $154.50... even cheaper than mine!