Help~~can anyone find this bag for me~~

  1. I believe NM put it on sale last year, perhaps it is at an outlet
  2. Thanks but there is no chanel outlet around or anyone knows the chanel outlet phone number?
  3. I'm sorry, I meant a NM outlet store
  4. oh..there is no one around either, do you know how to call them to check and make a purchase? is that I just call to ask them to transfer me to the chanel?
  5. They will send it to you from any store, but you have to call all of the stores individually yourself to find it. They can't do a company wide stock check from one store.
  6. I saw this bag at Sydney Australia Chanel Store on sale last January, i don't think anyone bought it. It might be still there in the back store room. PM me if you need some help. I'll call my SA.
  7. ^ it's authentic ...
    this style/purse haven't been copied ...
    but you should make sure to buy it from reputable seller .. if you can't find any in chanel stores :smile:

    good luck ... it's a gorgeous purse :heart: :heart: