Help - Can anybody tell me where I can get this T Shirt?

  1. To all you lovely Americans (or indeed anybody else if you can help me) - can anybody tell me where I can get hold of one of these T Shirts that Alyssa Milano is wearing (from Season 6 of Charmed).

    You can't see if very well in this photo but it says "Yankee Doodle" on it in Stars and Stripes.

    I believe it is a Short Sleeved T Shirt but she is wearing it over a long sleeved one.

    I love how it looks (and have done since I first saw it) but I can't seem to find one anyway.

    As I am in the UK I would prefer if it was available online somewhere.

    Anyhelp is appreciated - thanks.
  2. I'm not totally sure, but it looks like Junk Food. A lot of online retailers carry it. Hope this helps a little!