Help~!! Can any body tell me what RING this is??

  1. I saw a Gucci ring from my friend's place and I really liked it~!!
    Can anyone tell me what the name of this ring and maybe the price? A lot of thanks~~~!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. Did the ring have diamonds coming around the ring? This ring is from the spin line I believe, the one with diamonds runs around 6K.
  3. nah...for me it only looks like a simple silver ring without diamond..
  4. looks similar to this?

  5. didnt you ask this question like 5 times???????????

    mutiple posting is annoying and NOT allowed!!!!
  6. Wow !So cool! I like it !
    Where is it sale ?
  7. Sorry I didnt mean to multiposting. I will keep it down.

  8. Yes it is similar. But I think they are different, maybe they are made in different year. I think the ring that I posted is made around year 2005?? Anyone?
  9. as i posted in the TWO OTHER post you started, it looks like the NAIL HEAD ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh!

    see the nail head, and the bottom is kind of flat