Help! Camel Or Truffle Work??

  1. Ladies, need your opinion......I just received a call from my SA that my camel work has arrived but after seeing pics of the truffles posted by some members here, I can't decide which one to go for. What do ya'll think, camel or truffle?
  2. I personally like the Truffle's darker brown so you can't notice dirt as easily and I think it's a much more interesting color. They're both versatile, it just depends on what you like. For me though, definitely Truffle. It's a tough decision, good luck!
  3. For me its definitely Truffle
  4. Truffle!!

    Will they display your camel work in the store until you pick it up? Or will it be kept aside for your eyes only?

    Oooh! Hopefully your bag is one of many bags in a new shipment. Me thinks I'm gonna pop by the boutique to check out if they have any new stuff after work!

    Keep us updated on ya final choice! :yes:
  5. I like the camel after seeing it IRl. It was just scrumpcious. When i saw it, it immediately reminded me of melted caramel chocolate. ;p
  6. I prefer truffle because it's more neutral, whereas camel is too orangish for me. However, of the bags I've seen, I've liked the leather better on camel. It's really a matter of personal preference.
  7. Oh girl...go with the Truffle! It's a beautiful classic color, it's so gorgeous inperson. I went to Neimans to find a Grenat Twiggy or City, they didn't have any.:crybaby: So, I started looking at other colors and spotted the Truffle, fell in love immediately!:drool:
  8. CAMEL
    - great leather on all bags I've seen
    - BUT it's a butterscotch colored brown that is not really neutral color

    - great shade of brown; perfect neutral color
    - BUT the leather varies by bag; I've seen some great, matte, soft leather in the Day and shiny, veiny, crackly-looking leather in the City
  9. camel
  10. Camel hands-down. It pops against your clothing whereas Truffle is a litle dark too and dreary for me. Plus, Camel is not orangey at all, at least to me. I'd describe it as a butterscotch toffee color. :smile:

    Truffle in any style looks sort of drab and unremarkable to me (soooo many designer and non-designer bags out there are made in this color)....whereas Camel is the type of neutral color that has a bit of zing to it. It's special and more unique. And since it's lighter, you can more easily SEE more of the details that make B-bags so special, i.e. the special leather, the hardware detailing.

    I agonized over these two colors for over an hour as I was deciciding which Hobo to get. So I know exactly how torn you must feel!
  11. CAMEL !!:P
  12. did I. I stood in NM with a Camel and Truffle Day trying to decide which one I liked best. I really *love* the Camel color, but the dreariness of the Truffle was more fitting for my lifestyle (and wardrobe). So I chose the truffle...but it was a tough decision. ;)

    ETA - KristyD: your camel Day looks really good on you. :graucho:
  13. CAMEL: it will look good against black and dark brown,whereas Truffle will be tto dull against balck and off against dark brown!


    it looks great against red, greens, blues, denim,... :nuts:
  14. eSiders.....I like your siggie. Hehe. That's funny that we both were deciding between the same two colors. I'm sure my SA was getting annoyed, even though she kept insisting she wasn't!

    I think the choice is so personal. And it depends what look you're going for. Truffle is more conservative, Camel is more of a statement. It IS a tough one though!
  15. I like caramel better cause it goes really well with black and brown which is my major color in all my outfits. It reminds me melted caramel..:heart: