HELP!!! Calling all TPF'ers in London

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  1. Can anyone reccomend an SA or boutique I can send my husband to so he can successfully purchase a bag for me? Hes going to the London next month and I told him he's not allowed back in the country unless he visits Chanel and buys me something. :graucho::graucho:
    He's staying in I guess, Central London near Covent Gardens. I haven't been in London in five years and I don't rememeber anything but some long nights in the clubs and some historical sites. :push:
    Can anyone help me out?
  2. Hi, there is a UK Chanel Club thread under the shopping forum, you might be able to get some info there.
  3. ^^ Definitely a good resource. I always find Selfridges helpful but know this is not a universal experience and the stock can be limited. I have never liked the Sloane Street branch but understand Teresa at Bond Street is a long-serving, very experienced SA. May also be worth considering the airport options as the savings can be considerable?
  4. try harrods and brompton cross as well.

    i agree with Miss Sooky i dont find the service in sloanne street exellent. I will only say 'OK' nothing exceptional that'll make me want to go there as my first stop, apart from it is the biggest branch in london, probably the whole of UK.
  5. There's a very helpful SA in the bond street store. Her name is Esther - the kind who'll go into the store room and dig up old stock to try and find something for you. I definitely recommend her.

    I hope he gets you something gorgeous.
  6. great advice above, be sure to let us know what your hubby comes back with! :biggrin: