HELP!!! Calling all Olympe owner!

  1. I wore my Stratus Pm today and suddenly notice a BIG color transfer on the back of the back and some on the front.:tdown: How can I get rid of it?

    I am so upset:cursing:. The bag is brand new and already it has stains on it!
  2. Ah, I just checked mine and I did not see anything like this, but I have been wearing mostly light colored summer stuff so maybe that is why. Did you call LV yet or are you near one where you can bring it in? The leather is supposed to have a protectant on it so maybe they have a magic cure, I hope so! Keep us posted and HUGS!
  3. this may be of no help, but do you have the little care booklet it came with? it sometimes has information on how to clean the bag...

    if not, then you should call lv right away!
  4. Oh no! I've been wearing mine on-off for about 2 months now and it still looks fab! What color do you have btw? (mine is the beige)

  5. I have the ecru. I am so disappointed that this happened :crybaby: I hate to have to baby my bags.

    Please be careful.
  6. i power baby-wiped mine....i had major issue with my black t-shirts and cought in rain a few times...... (i think i posted the problem somewhere....maybe in the clubhouse or ref thred..)

    most of them came off!!!! then again, i did it shortly after color transfer happened..... but this point, anything was better than almost black/grey stain!!!!

    my stratus PM is beige and when it got wet (with rain and baby wipe) the leather turned almost purple/grey and the color made my stomach sick........
    but it all dried ok the next day.

    now it's been almost 2 months since this happened...the color blended in or something, you can't even tell anymore!!!

    good luck.....and i am so sorry this happening to you....too. <<<hugs>>>
  7. how much baby actly and for how long? I've been baby wiping it for a while and nothing. I'm extremely disappointed andpissed!!! I can't believe this happened.
  8. How about baby-wipe and then let it dry and then wipe again? like the cleaning application for the vachetta..

    I'm so sorry for you... **hugs**
  9. Just remember that the leather is delicate, it is easy to forget when you are mad and cleaning it! I am so sorry!:crybaby::sad:
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this happened!
    Can't you take it down to a LV and see what they say?
    Good luck,
    I hope you can get it sorted!
  11. Wow......sorry about your beautiful bag....I know the Olympes looked delicate, and I guess they really are...take it to your boutique, I hope they can fix it for you, or give you a NEW one !!!!! Let us know what happens!!
  12. Take it back, LV should help you out with that
  13. WOW...I am so sorry that happened to you and I hope you are able to get it resolved. That is so upsetting!
  14. awwww.maybe you got some rub off to the bag off ur jeans or SA told me i can use a clean white eraser to try rubbing it off!!! :smile:

    hope ur problem can be heart would be broken if i were u ....
  15. I'm very sorry to hear about your olypme getting colour transfer. A few members mentioned taking it to your nearest LV boutique for help, I think this is your best resource right now. I hope they give you the help you need and help. Keep us posted. *Hug*