help - calcaire twiggy


Dec 17, 2007
Recently, I purchased a Calcaire Twiggy off a girl from another forum. She claimed the bag was in perfect condition and from the photos she posted, the bag seemed like in realli was in perfect condition - no yellowing whatsoever. I received the bag today (my FIRST b-bag!) and was very very very excited.

To my dismay, the bag had turned a very distinct YELLOW. When i compared the colour of the bag to the colour of the leather on the mirror, its so evident that the bag was not even close to the original colour! Now i have no idea what i can do, is there ANYTHING i can do to restore the condition of the bag? :sad: :crybaby:


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Jun 11, 2008
Have a search through the Care and Maintenance Threads in the Balenciaga Reference Library Section. It seems this is a common problem with white and light coloured Bbags and so far seems unfixable...sorry :sad:

No-one is sure whether it's exposure to UV rays that causes the yellowing, using other products like Apple Garde, or just a break down in the chemical make up of the original dye.

Lovin My Bags can do colour restoration or lots of ladies have been using the DIY Tarrago Self Shine shoe dye kits to redye their bags. Any chance you can return it to the buyer? Good luck.


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Nov 4, 2006
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Oh I am sorry to hear the bag turned out to be different that you expected! :crybaby:

Unfortunately, with Calcaire, once it turns yellow, there is nothing you could do about it unless you have it re-dye which I was advised strongly NOT to do by the experts..

I too had 4 Calcaires in the past which I sold since I couldn't bear seeing it turning yellow :crybaby:

If you are not happy with the bag, perhaps you could communicate to your seller and try to find a best solution..



Nov 20, 2007
I'm soon to get a calcaire city and coin purse, so i'll have to do alot of caring for these bags. I adore calcaire, but that's the only downfall with this colour, is there no way of contacting the seller?


Dec 17, 2007
it's been a while later now and i've kinda gotten over the "yellowness" of the bag. under the diff lighting, the bag appears to be a diff colour, so it doesnt always look yellow? i dunno if i make any sense but there isn't anything i can do (unless i sell it off?)

If i had no idea that the bag was meant to be the original calcaire colour, it actually doesnt look too bad haha its kinda growing on me now
Apr 4, 2007
I really think, you should talk to the seller, send the bag back to her and get a refund.
It's your first Bbag and I'm pretty sure you wanted it to be perfect, so don't worry, there are tons of perfect Bbags waiting to be bought :love: