help! calcaire or greige

  1. i have the calcaire twiggy but i'm starting to itch for a greige twiggy or city. i only want 1 light colored bag in my collection. :Push:

    so ladies, calcaire or greige? :flowers:
  2. Ugh... tough one, they're both very neutral.... though one is more pink-ish and one is more beige-y.... Maybe you can get the greige in the City therefore it's not too similar?
  3. I was thinking about getting the greige in the twiggy myself. I started liking it ever since I saw your taupe twiggy :heart: :heart: and I thought the greige would be the closest thing. It's hard to decide between the calcaire or the greige because they are pretty similar. Maybe just get the greige in the city so that if you decide to keep both they will be little more different.
  4. calcaire gets my vote
  5. Although the new Greige seems to have gorgeous leather, the pics of the Calcaire's that I've seen are beautiful! The leather seemed like it was good back then and I love the pink tone that the Calcaire has. So I vote for Calcaire, too(but I like Greige as well. LOL).
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    i like both, but i think calcaire is more special. i like the pink tint. it's like the bag is blushing, which is so cute. odd, keep your calcaire! get the greige in a different style.;)
  7. thank you ladies! :kiss: :flowers:

    maybe i shouldn't do light bbags and stick to jewel tones and dark rich colors...that would make my decision easier.

    then again, calcaire is so beautimus! :love:
  8. I fell in love with the new Greige after seeing pictures, so Greige all the way :yes:
  9. Calcaire, odd! Greige is undeniably pretty, but calcaire is unique, I think. If you're still doing this [​IMG] about it, you should keep it!
  10. Calcaire! :smile:
  11. Calcaire is just lovely :love: . It gets dirty really easily but soo pretty.
  12. I just bought the Griege city today and think it's a gorgeous neutral.
  13. I vote for the griege, it'll be harder to get dirty, and you can get a fresh one instead of someone's used calcaire.
  14. Odd, if you *love* your calcaire twiggy, I'd say keep what you already have and enjoy it!

    If you find there's something about your one and only light colored bag that bothers you or that you never carry it for some reason...then get a greige city as that is one of the best looking color/style bags I've ever seen. :love:

  15. hey odd i totally like the Calcaire over the Greige... so if you can't find a Calcaire then find a Greige b-bag!