Help Cactus Friends Images!!! PLEASE!!!

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  1. Hey guys I need some help finding some noce images of Sandy and the cactus friends Pink, Brown one from the Spiaggia print. My husband and I are going in tommorow to get some tattooed on us and I can't seem to locate any good scans. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!
  2. Hmm. . . If you had more time, I was going to say that some people have emailed Simone himself and got some nice images back.
  3. Heck I'm down for that too! How can I go about getting ahold of him? I'm having such a hard time... Kinda under the gun too.... smart planning by me ha ha ha
  4. Ohh, thats sooo cute, matching tats!
  5. Your husband wants cactus friends tattooed on him...?

    Are you looking for scenes or just the characters?
  6. Ya! it's awesome! LOL Scenes or Characters? Anything big enough I can rop what I don't need out or a decent pic to copy. Thanks
  7. What is "rop"?

    If you're just looking for characters, you could probably go on e-bay and find a photo to enlarge or something...?

  8. Crop, sorry
  9. Oh! Haha! I thought "rop" was some tattoo term I didn't know about... So I'm asking my bf, "Does rop mean anything?" *lol*

    I'd ask my bf to draw something for you but he's currently in the middle of another drawing project...

    You should take the Sandy and cactus friend photo from the Tutti swatch!! It's already a black outline!!
  10. Y'know, and this is just my opinion, if you really want this as a tattoo.. well it's something pretty permanent.. I'd take the time to make sure you get pics that you really like. E-mail Simone and if you have to wait a week or two, would it really matter? I mean a tattoo IS for life....
  11. True, but I have no idea how to go about emailing him, and my appointment is at ! this afternoon LOL
  12. Reschedule?
  13. Too late, i'm sure we will figure something out. I found a couple pics I can try to use or we may get something different all together, maybe the bullets to start with.
  14. Here's a pic of Sandy . How much time do you have ? I could try to find more for you .
  15. Heres a brown cactus person. Or are you wanting something else now ? If you are wanting something else maybe I can help .